Mar 7, 2011

ISee3D Announces Development Project with European Automotive Manufacturer

ISee3D Inc has announced that they are working with a leading European automotive manufacturer for the use of ISee3D technology. This development project will begin in March 2011, and ISee3D will work in partnership with this manufacturer to develop new approaches to distance measurement systems for use in automobiles, specifically by utilizing a single lens 3D approach.

Recognition of obstacles and measurement of the distance between the obstacle and the automobile are essential for driver support mechanisms, which include such features as collision avoidance, adaptive cruise control, and blind spot monitoring. These support mechanisms are being designed by the automobile industry in order to enhance driver and passenger safety.

Some of these measurements require stereoscopic image pairs, traditionally provided by two separate camera-lens systems. Attempts, by the automotive industry, to incorporate these systems into vehicles have been met with considerable difficulties, specifically with regards to ensuring the alignment of both cameras.

The key reason for pursuing ISee3D's technology is that it eliminates the need for camera/lens calibration, thus dramatically reducing the amount of processing power required, while increasing accuracy.

As part of the scope of this project, ISee3D is responsible for delivering a complete evaluation system, including the Proprietary 3D Lens System, Image Processing Software and an industrial camera supplied by Allied Vision Technologies (AVT). The 3D Optical System will be used to develop and test more accurate and higher speed driver support systems. "We are excited about this project because our customer is taking advantage of one of the most important features of our technology - 3D single lens image stability" said Bruce Seidel, Business Development at ISee3D.

ISee3D is driving the universal adoption of 3D single lens capture - from consumers and Hollywood to health care and military. The company is introducing the first commercially feasible single lens, single camera 3D capture technology. Scalable in size from one mm in diameter to more than 250 mm, the patented technology can be applied across many devices. Through its patented optical switch technologies, ISee3D continues to aggressively pursue the best in 3D innovation to ensure an immersive 3D viewing experience, rather than the traditional two lenses or 2D conversion approaches that are the current standard. The company is headquartered in Vancouver with offices in Toronto.