Mar 27, 2011

IMAGINiT Technologies Supports Autodesk 2012 Product Launch With Technical & Training Expertise

Rand Worldwide today announced that it's IMAGINiT Technologies division is now offering the complete 2012 portfolio of Autodesk 3D design software products and will host a series of live events where companies can learn more about the software and what it will mean to their business. To help turn business visions into reality, as one of Autodesk’s largest partners, IMAGINiT offers access to unrivalled technical expertise, dedicated customer support teams and award-winning trainers.

“Our teams of technical experts and training instructors are ready to help businesses maximize their Autodesk 2012 software investment by ensuring customers make the right business decisions when evaluating their plans,” says Bob Heeg, Executive Vice President, IMAGINiT Worldwide Operations, IMAGINiT Technologies. “Our local experts are connected to each other around the world so every customer gains insights from global best practices as well as key learnings from other industries.”

In order to provide deeper insight into the new suite of Autodesk products, IMAGINiT experts are creating blogs, videos and presentations which explore the latest developments in the software. A video primer for the Autodesk Inventor 2012 Interface Enhancements is now online and many more videos will follow over the next couple of months. All videos will be uploaded to the IMAGINiT YouTube channel.

To further assist customers, ProductivityNOW, IMAGINiT’s online eLearning resource and service knowledgebase is being updated to offer help and learning tools for the Autodesk 2012 suite of products. Additionally, IMAGINiT’s AutoCAD 2012 Update Course has been published to ProductivityNOW for subscribing customers to work through at their own pace. The IMAGINiT training team will also be offering new training classes on the 2012 products as early as May 1, 2011.

In concert with the Autodesk 2012 launch programs, IMAGINiT Technologies is hosting a series of “Make Your Ideas a Reality” live launch events. IMAGINiT technical experts will be on hand to showcase all of the new product developments in industry specific breakout sessions. All events will be hosted in a variety of unique venues such as art museums, galleries and boutique hotels to help inspire creativity when exploring the new possibilities of the programs.

Make Your Ideas a Reality Live Event Schedule:

Boston, MA – May 17, 2011
New York, NY – May 18, 2011
Dallas, TX – May 18, 2011
Baltimore, MD – May 19, 2011
Orlando, FL – May 19, 2011
Cleveland, OH – May 24, 2011
St. Paul, MN – May 24, 2011
Detroit, MI – May 25, 2011
Denver, CO – May 25, 2011
Chicago, IL – May 26, 2011
Seattle, WA – May 26, 2011

IMAGINiT representatives are also participating in the Autodesk Canadian 2012 Launch Roadshow.

Vancouver, BC – May 3, 2011
Toronto, ON – May 12, 2011

In addition to the face-to-face events, IMAGINiT will be hosting more than 40 webcasts throughout the year which will detail “What’s New” in the 2012 products. Details on the all of the above events and the webcasts are available at http://imaginit.com/2012