Mar 29, 2011

FM:Systems Partners with FacilityOne to Expand BIM and FM Solutions in China

Partnership answers the building information modeling needs of China’s rapid building growth and industry modernization.

RALEIGH, N.C – FM:Systems, a provider of integrated workplace management systems (IWMS) and computer-aided facility management (CAFM) software, today announced that Shanghai, China-based FacilityOne has become the first FM:Systems Solution Center partner in mainland China. As Autodesk’s Preferred Industry Partner for facilities management (FM), FM:Systems has demonstrated leadership in the integration of building information modeling (BIM) and FM solutions. FM:Systems is partnering with FacilityOne to deliver BIM and FM solutions to meet China’s tremendous growth in the building and construction industry.

According to a recent article in DailyFinance, China's construction growth, fed by a thriving economy and a massive population movement from rural to urban areas, will dwarf that of the U.S. over the next ten years. As a result, the Chinese government and domestic businesses are on an annual building boom that's about 30 times the size of downtown Manhattan, the U.S. Green Building Council said last year.

FacilityOne is the first organization to focus on BIM and FM solutions in China. Historically, BIM models were confined to project delivery and seldom used during operations, despite growing demand for better building information. The FacilityOne and FM:Systems partnership will allow BIM models and data to add value throughout the lifecycle of a building. Chinese building owners and managers can realize the benefits of a lifecycle building management approach, which include:

Improved space management
Efficient use of energy
Streamlined preventive maintenance
Economical retrofits and renovations
Enhanced lifecycle management

“The largest challenges for Chinese building owners transitioning to BIM involve implementation costs – software, hardware, and services. Our partnership with FM:Systems significantly enhances our ability to bring the benefits of BIM to the operations phase of a building’s lifecycle, which will increase BIM’s return on investment,” said Jack Liu, President and Founder of FacilityOne. “In China, FacilityOne’s BIM and FM solutions include not only computer-aided facility management to integrate with BIM, but also BIM modeling with an emphasis on FM-friendly models. Our combined expertise in consulting, technology and service will enable our customers to extend the value of BIM into the FM arena, leading to the development of a more sustainable planet.”

“In a country experiencing the world’s largest construction boom, our partnership with FacilityOne presents exciting opportunities,” said Kurt von Koch, vice president of sales, FM:Systems. “Integrated workflows for design, construction and building operations will help our Chinese customers reduce costs and make their buildings more efficient.”