Mar 21, 2011

EON Reality Launches the EON Experience Portal

IRVINE, Calif – EON Reality announced today the launch of EON Experience Portal, www.eonexperience.com, which serves as an ecosystem and an “app store” for interactive 3D content. EON Experience Portal enables users to easily find existing 3D content, and share it with others.

With the increasing graphics capabilities of displays, PCs and handheld devices and their ability to support 3D presentations, one important area has remained a bottleneck – the lack of high quality, interactive and easily accessible 3D content. EON Reality addresses this need with the immediate launch of the EON Experience Portal by providing an online platform based on cloud computing, enabling individuals and organizations to share 3D content, optimized for use in interactive 3D applications and immersive 3D displays.

The EON Experience Portal draws on the success of the Apple App Store, and will enable its users to earn up to 70% of the revenue from models uploaded and sold through the portal. The portal further offers a complete eco-system for interactive 3D applications through the following key components:

* Database of Interactive 3D Models; a categorized and searchable database consisting of thousands of high quality interactive 3D objects.
* EON Creator; an application offering “3D in the Classroom” by providing extreme ease-of use, enabling users to build their own customized virtual environment in minutes. It also offers direct access to interactive learning content and an option to display content in stereoscopic 3D.
* EON Coliseum; an online 3D meeting platform, enabling organizations to interactively share projects and products interactively in 3D across different geographical locations.
* EON Human; a database and application framework for enabling the integration of highly realistic and interactive Virtual Humans (Avatars) into interactive simulations and presentations.

By supporting more than 100 different 3D and CAD formats through the EON Professional software, EON Reality offers a unique eco-system for organizations to leverage their use of existing 3D assets. From supporting handheld devices, laptops and graphics workstations up to high-end immersive displays systems such as the EON Icube, EON Reality provides fully scalable deployment of interactive 3D content.

“We are proud to have been invited by EDB (Economic Development Board) and MDA (Media Development Authority) to set-up a world-class R&D facility here in Singapore,” said Sridhar Sunkad, Managing Director, EON Reality Pte Ltd. “With the launch of EON Experience Portal we have one goal in mind – to democratize interactive 3D. We believe that every organization should have the ability to access – and effectively use – interactive 3D content, regardless of their preference for a certain CAD or 3D modeling solution.”

“During 2010 we have seen triple digit growth (+100%) in APAC and we see a great potential to further spearhead and accelerate Singapore’s initiatives within IDM (Interactive Digital Media) through the launch of the EON Experience Portal,” said Mats W. Johansson, CEO of EON Reality Inc.

The EON Experience Portal will be launched at the IEEE Event, held for the first time in Asia in 10 years, from March 19 -23 at SUNTEC Singapore International Convention and Exhibition Center . The conference focuses on recent research and development in the fields of virtual environments, augmented reality, 3D user interface and interactive 3D applications. EON Reality is proud to be a Gold Sponsor of the event.