Mar 27, 2011

Early Access Program Announced for Kinnosa 5.0 Engineering Document Management System

Phoenix, AZ – First Trace, Inc. has announced availability of the Kinnosa Early Access Program (EAP) in anticipation of the upcoming release of version 5.0 of this leading Engineering Document Management system. Engineering Enterprises utilizing Kinnosa can evaluate, test and assess the upcoming 5.0 release before it is available to the general public. Organizations using Kinnosa can apply to participate in the free EAP Program at www.FirstTrace.com/eap/.

The Kinnosa 5.0 EAP is designed to provide select customers exclusive access to this latest release of First Trace’s flagship Engineering Document Management (EDM) system for evaluation and feedback. Customers who wish to become influential early adopters of Kinnosa 5.0 can offer input on its design, usability and functionality. Participation also gives companies an opportunity to help guide future development of Kinnosa software to address specific CAD management requirements.

“Gaining participation from the user community in an Early Access Program (EAP) is invaluable to the overall success of the product launch,” said Brian Williamson, Chief Technology Officer for First Trace. Participation is reserved for select customers that have exhibited a technical understanding of the KinnosaONE architecture and have experience working in complex environments.

By participating in this free program, customers will qualify to make their initial purchase of the fully released version of Kinnosa 5.0 at a substantially discounted price. In addition to providing the opportunity to experience the capabilities of Kinnosa 5.0 at their own location and within their own environments, this program will enable First Trace to solicit feedback on the new release prior to full market release.