Mar 14, 2011

Dongfang Turbine Company purchases additional licenses of CimatronE and GibbsCAM

Givat Shmuel, Israel – Cimatron Limited announced today that its customer Dongfang Turbine Company has purchased additional licenses of CimatronE and GibbsCAM for the production of turbine blades.

Founded 30 years ago, Dongfang Turbine Co., a subsidiary of Dongfang Electric Company, is today one of the largest and most renowned manufactures of turbine blades in China, with an annual output of 25 million kilowatts. The company manufactures turbine blades for a wide range of renewable and non-renewable energy production facilities, including gas, nuclear, wind, thermal and hydroelectric turbines.

Recently the company has been noted as a major producer of the world’s wind turbines. Dongfang is the third largest wind turbine supplier in China and one of the top ten wind turbine suppliers globally. Last year, Dongfang, in partnership with American Superconductor (AMSC), announced the joint development of 5 Megawatt full conversion wind power turbines for the worldwide offshore market. These are among the most powerful turbines in the industry and are expected to be ready in 2012.

Dongfang’s recent success in the market comes despite the devastating 2008 Sichuan earthquake that cost the lives of talented engineers and severely damaged the blade production plant, threatening all of Dongfang’s renewable and non-renewable energy equipment production.

When Cimatron China staff at the Chengdu office learned about the tragedy, they immediately mobilized and proposed to help the company. Cimatron China worked closely with Dongfang, providing significant technical resources, manpower and software without condition. Dongfang appreciated the ease of use that Cimatron solutions offered. With a need to train many engineers completely from scratch, it was crucial that they be able to start work as quickly as possible. Additionally, because CimatronE is an integrated CAD/CAM solution, it offered extremely powerful CAD capabilities in the CAM environment. The flexibility to perform various surface and solid modeling operations simplified the NC programming process when dealing with the root, shroud and hub of the blades.

So began the relationship between Cimatron and Dongfang, and Dongfang successfully supplied 800 wind turbines in 2008 despite the earthquake.

By the end of 2008, the company deployed CimatronE and GibbsCAM in its blade production facility, enjoying CimatronE’s 5-Axis capabilities and GibbsCAM’s lathe and MTM solutions.