Mar 14, 2011

Delcam CRISPIN to show more productive footwear CADCAM in JinJiang

Delcam CRISPIN will demonstrate the latest versions of its design and manufacturing software for the footwear industry at the JinJiang Footwear Expo exhibition to be held in Fujina Province, China, from 18th to 21st April. The new range features a completely redesigned user interface that will make the software easier to learn and quicker to use. It will, therefore, make the system more productive at all stages of the development of new footwear designs.

Delcam CRISPIN is the world’s largest supplier of CADCAM software to the footwear industry and is the only supplier able to provide a complete solution for the design and manufacture of lasts, uppers and soles. All of the key programs, LastMaker for last design, ShoeDesign for upper and sole design, and Engineer Pro for 2D pattern development, have the new, more productive interface style, meaning that anyone who can use one of the programs can quickly learn the others.

Visitors to the Delcam CRISPIN stand will also be able to see a preview of the forthcoming ShoeMaker software for 3D footwear design. The new system is the first program to integrate the design of both uppers and soles in 3D, so allowing the complete shoe to be developed and visualised simultaneously. This will mainly benefit companies making sports shoes and other designs with complex soles.

ShoeMaker incorporates the same easy-to-learn interface as the other programs, making it ideal for concept designers that might come from an artistic background rather than an engineering education. All of the icons feature specific footwear imagery, making the software very intuitive to use.

Of course, ShoeMaker is compatible with the complete range of Delcam CRISPIN software, including programs for costing, material cutting and mouldmaking. This allows a single file to be used for each project, from initial concept design through to mass production, so simplifying data management and project planning.

As well as the improved interface, the latest software also includes significant enhancements to the LastMaker and ShoeDesign programs, new standard modules in Engineer Pro, plus general speed improvements across the full range.

The main addition to LastMaker is the ability to design a boot-leg extension for an existing last. Once the design has been finalised, it is possible to grade the leg height, together with the other areas of the last, and to generate the machining instructions.

Improvements to the heel-height functionality allow the height to be increased or decreased without affecting other parts of the design. If desired, this option can maintain the bottom length measurement of the last.

LastMaker has also been made more capable in the creation of orthopaedic footwear. A common condition with this type of footwear requires the last design to be curved to match the curvature of the patient’s foot. To accommodate this problem, new functionality has been added allowing the last to be bent either inwards or outwards. The ability has also been included to add an insole block to the bottom of the last, increasing the overall depth of the last for patients with different leg lengths.

The latest version of ShoeDesign incorporates a new shape editor, along with a new section within the library of parts to manage the shapes. Shapes can be created or edited either in ShoeDesign or in Engineer Pro, and then used in both programs.

Improvements to the snapping functionality have been made, especially when creating lines that intersect with, or are positioned near to, the feather edge, making point editing and panel definition much easier. These changes have also made it easier to create and modify very narrow panels.

Engineer Pro now includes two modules as standard that were previously cost options, TechPac and StitchTec. TechPac is a 2D solution for producing technical packages, including technical information, images and manufacturing operation sequences. Reports can be generated in PDF and HTML formats for factory operatives to follow, which give them all the technical information required for the upper assembly processes like clicking, skiving, folding and closing.

The StitchTec module enables the 2D engineering of the pallets and stitch paths for upper part components that are stitched together using automatic stitching machines.