Mar 27, 2011

DataCAD announces release of Invent Better Suite 2011 for Calculations from Geomate

Bad Kreuznach - DataCAD Software & Services GmbH, a provider of technical software solutions for the industry, today announced the release of InventBetter Suite 2011 from Geomate that enables users to solve a wide range of design and engineering challenges with unprecedented ease, speed, and accuracy.

That is possible because InventBetter Suite 2011 incorporates groundbreaking graphical calculation technology that virtually eliminates mathematical calculations and equation solving from the engineering design process.

InventBetter Suite 2011 includes three applications
- GrafiCalc Standard 2011 enables users to simulate, solve, and backsolve design challenges while making informed decisions.
- ToleranceCalc 4.0 makes 1D and 2D tolerance analysis of parts and assemblies in any CAD application as easy as spell checking.
- SectionCalc 4.0 enables users to calculate 14 vital cross-section properties of any CAD section using just a few mouse clicks.
InventBetter Suite 2011 is expected to enable users to reduce design time and costs while significantly improving their chances of developing products that work as expected very first time.