Mar 21, 2011


Since CIDEON Software introduced SAP PLM Integration for AutoCAD onto the market as a first standard integration in SAP PLM in the 1990s, the product and solution range has been consistently increasing. With CATIA V6, the range of CAD direct integration for SAP PLM has now increased by another leading CAD system. This will also lead to an increase in the current number of 35,000 users.

This solution is being spearheaded by the staff in the new Leinfelden-Echterdingen branch near Stuttgart and in close cooperation with the other SAP PLM CAD integration teams at CIDEON Software. The many years of experience of the new colleagues in the CATIA and SAP environment and the use of synergy effects and longstanding experience ensure that a best-in-class integration with an optimal quality and a maximal range of functions is also being created here.

To synchronize the data between CATIA V6 and SAP PLM, CIDEON Software developed a server solution with the PLM synchronisation server to link CATIA V6 and SAP that was optimised with regard to stability and data security. At the same time, CIDEON Software of course also provides the link from CATIA V5 in the environment of the CIDEON Conversion Engine for SAP, the CIDEON Collaboration solution and from Import PDM / PLM for SAP.

According to Lenz Finster, managing director of CIDEON Software, “the development of the CIDEON Integration CATIA V6 for SAP PLM will help us to continue on our growth course after a very successful business year in 2010 and to continue to extend our market position in all of our business divisions.” A company growth rate of more than 35% in 2010 has helped to increase the consolidated turnover of CIDEON AG to an all-time high of 45.1 million Euro.

Lenz Finster again emphasized that “during the development of the sixth direct integration, our customers can also rely on our know how and our many years of experience in developing software and integrating systems.”