Mar 3, 2011

Canadian DND Selects Anark Software for Defence Network

Boulder, CO : Anark Corporation, a provider of automated 3D CAD transformation and product visualization solutions, today announced that the Canadian Department of National Defence and Canadian Forces (Canadian DND/CF) has approved the Anark Media Client software for deployment on the Canadian Defence Wide Area Network.

Distributing the Anark Media Client software throughout the Canadian DWAN ensures that every user on this network will be able to access sophisticated, high-performance web-based 3D maintenance, training, and electronic performance support applications developed to support a wide array of defence material. Selecting the Anark Media Client software for viewing 3D applications also ensures that developers and content providers have access to a cost-effective, high-performance 3D authoring and viewing platform.

"The Anark Media Client has already been approved for the DWAN, and we are excited to make this new 3D playback technology available to all services (Air Force, Army, Navy) within the Canadian Forces," said the 2 Canadian Air Division Technician Performance Solutions Team. "The ability to create and distribute high-quality, modular, 3D virtual maintenance and training applications over the web has been a long-term goal for the Air Force, and Anark's software delivers on that promise."

"Anark has an established track record for successfully deploying a wide array of 3D visualization and data management solutions for leading aerospace and defense organizations" said Stephen Collins, CEO of Anark Corporation. "The Anark Media Platform has been successfully implemented within organizations such as the US Army, US Air Force, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, and Rockwell Collins, who need a high-performance 3D platform for visual training, maintenance, configuration, and other visualization applications. Considering Anark's unique experience and capabilities designed for customers in this sector, we are very excited about working closely with the Canadian DND to ensure the successful deployment of their 3D maintenance training solutions."

Anark Media Platform Feature Highlights

* High-performance 3D rendering engine with broad support for low-cost system profiles;
* Easily author sophisticated 3D maintenance, training, and field support applications;
* Deploy modular, dynamically data-driven applications securely, over the web;
* Develop SCORM conformant courseware using SCORM specific API's;