Mar 14, 2011

AWR Graduate Gift Initiative Provides Graduating Engineering Students with Tools to Succeed

PHOENIX - AWR Corporation, the innovation leader in high-frequency EDA, today announced the continuation of its AWR Graduate Gift Initiative for calendar year 2011. This initiative provides qualified electrical engineering graduates with a free, fully-functional, 1-year term license of AWR’s Microwave Office™ and Visual System Simulator™ software suites - including AXIEM™ 3D planar EM simulator. The software gift, while restricted to the graduate’s personal-use (node locked versus floating license), is not restricted to educational use but rather open for commercial use at the graduate’s current/future employer.

“The gifting of AWR software to graduating electrical engineering students has quickly become a resume asset as employers favor first-hand tool experience with AWR software,” said Sherry Hess, vice president of marketing at AWR. “The request from global employers and international universities this past year positively contributed to our decision to not only continue the program in 2011 but to expand it world-wide.”

The Graduate Gift Initiative debuted in 2010 at this same conference and was restricted to US qualified learning institutions. New in 2011, the program has been expanded globally to include international universities.


AWR's Graduate Gift Initiative is available to all qualified class of 2011 graduating students with BS, MS, or PhD Electrical Engineering degrees from universities, colleges and accredited learning institutions within AWR’s University Program. The gifting of software includes the latest full-featured versions of Microwave Office, Visual System Simulator and AXIEM software. Two simple steps are required to get started:

1. Register for the AWR Graduate Gift Initiative Program

2. Join AWR LinkedIn Academia Community

*Qualification terms are found on the AWR website at www.awrcorp.com/graduates/terms/