Mar 31, 2011

ArchiCAD-designed Winery is ArchDaily Award Winner

BUDAPEST – The design by Atelier Peter Kis of the Laposa Winery in Badacsonytomaj, Hungary, has won the ArchDaily 2010 Building of the Year award in the Industrial Category. The market entry and dynamic growth of the Laposa Winery resulted in the necessary expansion of both the wine-making and visitor areas. In addition to increasing the size of the winery, the challenge on both the architectural and viticultural levels was to modernize — and at the same time maintain — the production and presentation of the wine.

Located in the Balaton Highland National Park, the winery is one of many in the region, well-known for its historic role in Hungarian wine-making. Designed by Peter Kis and Bea Molnar using ArchiCAD, the buildings were purposely designed in a way that they would be viewed as being one with the terrain and the natural environment of the grapes. The buildings are composed of connected panels, which were cast as monolithic, visible concrete. The neutrality and rigidity of this is noticeable mainly in the internal spaces and their relationship with one another. Visually, there is no difference between the facades and the roof, allowing the buildings to blend more easily with the surroundings. “We are pleased and proud to have won this award, especially because we were chosen by our peers,” Peter Kis said.

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