Mar 16, 2011

Acceleware Transforms CSEM Code for RSI

Acceleware's unique combination of Electromagnetics, Oil and Gas, and High Performance Computing experience converges to deliver a streamlined, higher performing application for identifying offshore hydrocarbon reserves.

Calgary: Acceleware ® Corp and Rock Solid Images (RSI), today announced the successful completion of a project to transform RSI's FastTrack™ application for 3D CSEM modelling into a modern, modular software platform. The Acceleware converted version of FastTrack is a key component in RSI's client solution for determining the resistivity properties of sub-surface structures as part of their WISE™ workflows that integrates EM data with well log and seismic information for improved reservoir characterisation.

Acceleware was contracted to transform the previous version of FastTrack from a multi-language controlled source electromagnetic (CSEM) application to a single code base that improves the performance, usability and stability of the application. Acceleware's position as a high performance computing company that specialises in electromagnetic and seismic migration codes was an important factor in performing this work on RSI's application that spans both disciplines.

"Successful interpretation of EM and other datasets requires robust and efficient modelling codes," said Lucy MacGregor, CTO of RSI. "As a result of this project the speed and reliability of the FastTrack code has been dramatically increased, which will result in improved turnaround times and more robust results for our clients".

"This project really showcased the convergence of Acceleware's distinctive experience in Oil & Gas with our long-time competency in Electromagnetics into one project," said Ryan Schneider, CTO of Acceleware. "CSEM is an important technology that provides information crucial to improving drilling results. As exploration companies continue to push to deeper, more complex and expensive offshore projects, I believe that RSI's solution will provide great value in these plays."