Feb 24, 2011

VidCAD – design and documentation tool – released for Bricscad V11

Gent, Belgium: Bricsys the author of Bricscad and VidCAD LLC the leading software company for engineering design and documentation tools, announced today that the VidCAD SQL Engineering suite of products is now available for Bricscad V11. So far the software had been available for AutoCAD only.

VidCAD SQL Engineering is software for designing and documenting complex cabling and electric equipment installations. When changing cable or equipment info in one drawing, all other drawings and facility data automatically update to reflect changes. All reports are generated inside VidCAD and can be exported to other software or a PDF writer. The software creates intelligent cable labels including source and destination info of the equipment and the destination rack. For error checking VidCAD SQL can run reports that search for equipment and cables that are not in the database, guaranteeing that everything is connected and documented.

It delivers an application that virtually eliminates drafting and typing when generating schematics, rack elevations, cable cut lists and documentation of voice, video, data and security.

VidCAD SQL uses the productivity and efficiency of Bricscad, the number 1 alternative .dwg-based CAD software and adds to it many automated tools and the strength and security of having all the design elements complemented by a Microsoft SQL database.
“VidCAD has been developing exclusively on the AutoCAD platform for almost 25 years. We anticipated the process of porting VidCAD to work with Bricscad would take up to 6 months. However, the complete process of porting to Bricscad only took us 3 months, aided by the excellent support from the Bricscad staff,” says Dr. Walter Black, CTO of VidCAD LLC. “Given the state of the economy over the past year, our users need a high quality, lower cost CAD engine as an alternative to AutoCAD, and Bricscad is hands down the best option we can offer our users.”

“The porting of VidCAD SQL to Bricscad allows us to enter a high level niche market, of Television, Radio and Telecom companies etc. “ says Erik De Keyser, CEO of Bricsys. “Together with the team of VidCAD we are ready to deliver up to the top tier of companies involved in cabling and electrical equipment.”

VidCAD is used by a wide range of companies in the private sector, education and government, including areas such as Broadcast (TV & Radio), Satellite, Audio/Video, IT/Data, Telecommunications, Security, Command & Control, Technology in Worship.