Feb 17, 2011

Tyco's SprinkCAD software released for Bricscad

Gent, Belgium: Bricsys NV and Tyco Fire Protection Products have announced the release of SprinkCAD for Bricscad. This software for Fire Protection Products - formerly only running on AutoCAD - is now available for Bricscad too. A second version for the residential market is exclusively available for Bricscad.

SprinkCAD is the worldwide leading software for creating design and coordination drawings for fire sprinkler systems. The history of the software goes back to 1986 and since then it is constantly developed and enhanced based upon input of thousands of customers. SprinkCAD incorporates the full versions of SprinkCALC and SprinkSLIC bringing new power and advanced editing to the Hydraulic Calculation arena and offers a complete Fire Sprinkler Stock Listing.

To meet the ever-changing needs for CAD file compatibility and economics, SprinkCAD not only supports AutoCAD versions through 2011, but is also available for the Bricscad V11 platform.

SprinkCAD builds on the 3D Riser utility and now offers also a full 3D Residential version for those not needing all of the functionality of SprinkCAD v3.5. This Residential version is exclusively available for Bricscad.

“This release for the Bricscad platform extends our potential with a very economic solution without giving up on functionality,” - says Mike Mahomet, SprinkCAD Business Manager. “ With SprinkCAD now on Bricscad” – he continues – “we can cover both the high end and residential market and be extremely competitive,” he continues.

“Having SprinkCAD available on our Bricscad platform is the result of a very close collaboration between the engineers at Tyco Fire protection Products and our technical team” adds Erik De Keyser, CEO at Bricsys. “The global availability of SprinkCAD for Bricscad is again an important confirmation of our strategy to be the leading application enabler for the alternative .dwg file format.”