Feb 3, 2011

Tech Soft 3D Announces the Release of HOOPS 3D Framework v19

Latest version includes new material library and seamless integration with HOOPS 3D Exchange™ technology.

Berkeley, CA – Leading 3D component provider Tech Soft 3D (TS3D) today announced the availability of HOOPS 3D Framework™ (HOOPS 3DF) v19. This newest release features enhancements driven by the hundreds of commercial engineering software teams that rely upon its proven graphics technology to make their applications successful.

“HOOPS 3DF v19 was developed with the future in mind. We’ve spent a great deal of time paying attention to both what our customers require and the direction of the graphics industry,” said Gavin Bridgeman, Vice President of SDK Products. “This has given us the ability to incorporate some leading-edge features in version 19.”

View a video demonstration that highlights some of the latest capabilities of HOOPS 3DF.

Highlights of HOOPS 3DF v19 include:

* A material library consisting of 27 fully-customizable GPU-based materials
* Texture enhancements with a particular focus on reducing the memory footprint of texture data
* New MVO classes to facilitate the creation of Product Manufacturing Information (PMI)
* Improved support for high-resolution hardcopy output
* A tight integration with HOOPS 3D Exchange for data access
* 3D PDF export based on PRC, Adobe’s preferred 3D representation
* Support for Visual Studio 2010

HOOPS 3DF is a high-performance graphics framework used within applications from engineering software companies such as Autodesk®, Solidworks, PTC, MSC.Software, ANSYS®/Fluent, COADE, Siemens PLM Solutions, Mitutoyo, IronCAD and 300+ others. By leveraging the robust set of HOOPS 3DF libraries, software teams are able to develop high-performance, visually-rich applications and get those applications to market quickly and cost-effectively.