Feb 9, 2011

SpaceClaim Announces OEM Contract with C&R Technologies to Streamline Thermal Analysis

Concord, MA : SpaceClaim announced that C&R Technologies (CRTech) which provides comprehensive software for heat transfer analysis and fluid flow design, has chosen SpaceClaim to be integrated within the CRTech family of products. CRTech SpaceClaim will eliminate bottlenecks caused by CAD-based geometries that are too detailed or complex for simulation.

Complexities in creating thermal models often include issues such as inaccessibility of the CAD-based design geometry or the challenge that the geometry is too detailed for simulation purposes. Additionally, many thermal/fluid engineers are not CAD specialists. CRTech SpaceClaim will address these issues as it will enable users to import CAD parts and assemblies from virtually any CAD format to simplify and heal the geometry and then send it on for meshing. CRTech SpaceClaim will also enable engineers to modify the geometries easily should the design change.

CRTech SpaceClaim is fully compatible with C&R Technologies’ leading solutions Thermal Desktop and Thermal Workshop. CRTech’s Thermal Desktop® is a PC-based design environment for generating thermal models of electronics and vehicles. CRTech Thermal Workshop™ provides the Thermal Desktop user with the ability to add thermal model information to a CAD drawing, and to extract and mesh complex parts and assemblies.

“Preparing a model in a CAD format for simulation and analysis using the wrong software tool can add costs and lengthen the time considerably for product development,” said Rich Moore, SpaceClaim Vice President of Business Development. “SpaceClaim leads the industry in model preparation for CAE and manufacturing, removing the complexities of CAD and enabling analysts and engineers to prepare models without constraints. Our partnership with C&R Technologies gives analysts in thermal applications the freedom and flexibility to create and modify geometries.”

“With more than 4,000 customers, we provide major organizations in aerospace, petrochemical, electronics, and automotive with software, consulting and services to perform heat transfer and fluid system design and analysis,” said Brent Cullimore, President, C&R Technologies. “We are constantly evaluating new technologies to ensure our customers can work quickly and accurately with the best tools available. CRTech SpaceClaim is a great addition to our product arsenal and we look forward to continuing to leverage and combine features with CRTech Thermal Workshop.”