Feb 16, 2011

SIRE Technologies Provides Collier County the Ability to Create Custom Workflows

Salt Lake City, UT: Officials at Collier County, FL have worked with SIRE Technologies to create customized, unique, and detailed workflow processes based on individual department requirements and qualifications.

These workflows function on the base of SIRE’s Electronic Document Management System, initially deployed at Collier County in early 2008. The system was installed in order to

* better organize county documents and information
* provide easy access to that information
* improve records management capabilities enterprise-wide
* automate previously time consuming, everyday business practices

One such customized workflow was created to aid in the management of insurance certificates. Typically, an outside vendor working with Collier County is required to provide proof of current insurance coverage in order to provide certain services. Examples of coverage include automobile liability, employer’s liability, professional liability, general liability, etc.

Collier County’s Purchasing and Risk Management officials recognized that most proof of insurance certificates are valid for only one year, but many county projects take longer than one year to complete.

According to County Records Manager, Michael Cox, “This resulted in the potential for a lapse in required insurance coverage because vendors did not consistently ensure that their coverage was updated prior to expiration.”

To solve this issue and eliminate associated risk, Collier County created a SIRE document cabinet strictly for insurance certificates. When a new certificate is added to the cabinet, the customized SIRE workflow is triggered. The workflow determines whether a project is still open and whether the related insurance certificate is about to expire. If both criteria are true, a system-generated email is automatically sent to the vendor 15 days prior to the expiration date. If the document is not renewed at that time, a second notification is sent 5 days prior to expiration.

Cox also said, “The SIRE workflow has helped eliminate the risk of having lapses in coverage and increased our confidence that vendors are performing work with the coverage required.”