Feb 8, 2011

Prof. Genki Yagawa joins ESI Scientific Committee

ESI will benefit from his expertise in nuclear safety and engineering for its future R&D projects.

Paris, France – ESI’s Scientific Committee, active since December 2005, aims at establishing an academic network of experts providing a vital link between the scientific world and the highly innovative and permanently changing market of Virtual Prototyping. Over the past 5 years, the Scientific Committee has fostered and maintained links with academia and industry partners worldwide, challenging and influencing ESI to sustain innovative Research and Development.

Distinguished academics have been recruited as members of the Scientific Committee, presided over by Vincent Chaillou, Chief Operating Officer of ESI Group. In addition to 8 ESI in-house experts, the Scientific Committee includes today 8 world-renown experts in fields ranging from impact and passenger safety to vibro-acoustics, welding and casting.

Professor Genki Yagawa, President of the International Association for Computational Mechanics, Board Member of the Engineering Academy of Japan, Member of the Science Council of Japan and Member of the Visiting Committee of the CEA (French Atomic Energy), recently accepted ESI’s invitation to join the Scientific Committee as an expert in Nuclear Safety and Engineering. His knowledge and industry experience are expected to be extremely beneficial to ESI, complementing its internationally recognized expertise for providing innovative and practical solutions to the planning, design, construction, operation and regulation of Nuclear Power Plants and related facilities.

“I am honored to be a member of ESI’s Scientific Committee,” declared Professor Yagawa. “I am convinced that my expertise and previous work will help ESI make further R&D advances in Virtual Prototyping to address the needs of the Nuclear Power sector, an industry in rapid development.”

Professor Yagawa’s academic career spans the Science Council of Japan (membership appointed by the Prime Minister), the Engineering Academy of Japan, the International Association for Computational Mechanics, and many other prestigious associations. He received his Doctorate in 1970 from the University of Tokyo where he became Lecturer, Associate Professor, Professor, then Chair of the Department of Quantum Engineering and Systems Science, Chair of the Graduate Program of the Department, and where he is currently Emeritus Professor. He has received more than 30 awards including the Prime Minister Award in 2007 as well as Japan Academy Prize and Toray Science and Technology Prize in 2009. He has also published more than 380 journal papers and is the author/editor of 64 textbooks and special issues of several journals.

Each member of the Scientific Committee is responsible for driving innovation in their domain, fostering exchanges in the form of publications, strategic white papers, innovation support, high level training, seminars, and more. The Scientific Committee meets four times a year to address specific cutting edge topics or challenges.

“To continue to be the heart of ESI’s innovation engine, the Scientific Committee needs to evolve and grow”, declared Dr. Argiris Kamoulakos, Scientific Director of ESI Group and Secretary of ESI’s Scientific Committee. “I welcome and thank Prof. Yagawa for accepting to share his time and expertise with ESI R&D projects.”