Feb 16, 2011

New version Allplan 2011 Allfa by Nemetschek Allplan brings facility management into the web

Munich - The new version of facility management software Allplan Allfa offers a number of innovations, from the optimized use of relevant CAD data and the entirely internet-based solution Allfa Web through to practical applications for the mobile use of Allplan Allfa.

With the new version Allplan 2011 Allfa, the facility management software is now also available as an internet-based solution. As a result, colleagues can access all relevant data without having to install the software on their local computer. Certain information can also be made available to external service providers.

Allfa Web accesses the central web server in order to avoid timeconsuming updates on every single computer. Only the application server is updated. Existing ActiveReports are accessible via Allfa Web without adjustments. New reports can be created in Allfa TT and are then automatically available online. The files can be output in PDF format, for example if reports need to be forwarded to business partners.

In the first version, Allfa Web supports the three basic structure hierarchies of the Allfa data model: spatial hierarchy, organization and systems. As the Allfa web server connects to the Oracle database, data is immediately available across the company.

Felix Kubasch, Business Unit Manager for Facility Management Software at Nemetschek Allplan: "Discussions with customers and prospects at the BAU 2011 trade fair confirmed that our strategy is right. With Allfa Web, we are creating a platform for all building-relevant data. As a result, property owners of real estate can set up a central information platform, and use our products to map the entire life cycle of the property (design, construction and management). The web technology helps to make data available to all building users in a simple, user-friendly way. As a result, we are creating transparency and optimizing processes."

Company-specific apps for mobile data access

With the development of Allfa Smart, Nemetschek Allplan has created a platform that enables company-specific applications (apps) to be implemented for all common mobile devices. Data can be accessed, entered or edited using smartphones and tablet PCs, regardless of time and place. Users can even store sensitive data in Allplan Allfa, because the solution meets the highest security requirements.

Via the connection to database systems such as SAP or Navision and the Allplan Allfa database, data from other systems is made available using smartphone apps. High-speed access to information for building and facility management is possible with the use of QR codes (2D barcode). As a result, users have access to all technical documentation, maintenance reports and other important data wherever they are.

Fast and simple use of building data

During development of the standardized interface between the FM Manager and Allplan 2011, the focus was on user-friendliness and speed. For example, the relevant attributes of a room are clearly displayed centrally in just one dialog. For dynamic characteristics, the familiar descriptions from Allfa were transferred to the CAD software Allplan 2011. Editing rooms is now even more simple and intuitive.

Attractive report layout

The Allfa Graphics module, which enables building data to be graphically formatted directly from the database, now has new evaluation functions. Pie charts are now created automatically. The assigned room attributes (e.g. cost centers) can be freely selected, colors and radii can be individually defined. As a result, you can create attractive presentations based on floor plans. The evaluations created in Allfa Graphics are dynamic charts that can also be used to show costs or energy consumption with a reference to the location.

Within the Allplan 2011 Allfa TT central module, the integration of personal data has been optimized. For example, mobile phone contracts and devices, cars, or employee-related documents such as contracts of employment can be managed and evaluated far more quickly and efficiently with the new version.

Peter Mehlstäubler, Managing Director of Nemetschek Allplan GmbH: "With the new version, Allplan 2011 Allfa provides a new basis for the efficient management of real estate and facilities. With a purely internet-based solution, as well as applications for the mobile use of Allplan Allfa via smartphones, the software offers future-oriented opportunities for intelligent facility management."