Feb 16, 2011

NEi Software introduces a free FEA mobile application, NEi Stratus

WESTMINSTER, CA – NEi Software debuts its free FEA mobile application, NEi Stratus, at the Pacific Design & Manufacturing 2011 show as the company continues to innovate how and when finite element analysis solutions can be delivered to engineers. With this current application, finite element analysts can explore how mobile technology can be used to perform basic analysis, viewing results on their iPhone and iPad anywhere and anytime.

The company sees the potential of combining cloud technology with the power of NEi Nastran solvers and believes this initial exploration into the combination will allow for more complex analysis as the technology matures.

NEi Stratus will be available by the beginning of the second fiscal quarter and will be initially offered at no charge. Those interested in viewing demos of this free mobile FEA application and staying up-to-date on NEi Software products should visit http://www.nenastran.com/mobile.

“As innovators in CAE, NEi Software recognized two rapidly advancing technologies that have great potential within the CAE industry, mobile applications and cloud computing. NEi Stratus leverages these technologies to give engineers on-demand Nastran-based analysis,” said Mitch Muncy, Manager of Presales and Technical Support for NEi Software.