Feb 24, 2011

ITI actively participates with numerous lectures at the Modelica Conference

Dresden - ITI, one of the leading software and engineering companies for system simulation, today announces its participation in the 8th International Modelica Conference from March 20th to 22nd, 2011 in Dresden/Germany. In lectures, tutorials, vendor sessions as well as numerous partner lectures ITI shows how newly developed interfaces enable a platform-independent exchange of simulation models and how SimulationX increases modeling efficiency. ITI actively supports the development of the object-oriented modeling language Modelica into the standard for physical modeling. With the current version 3.4 of its standard simulation software SimulationX the language specification Modelica 3.1 can be used.

Within the introductory lecture on the Functional Mock-Up Interface (FMI) as tool-independent standard for platform-independent exchange of simulation models and for co-simulation ITI presents both the mathematical description and different application cases of model exchange and co-simulation in detail. ITI has been one of the Modelisar project partners who developed this standard and is going to open one of the sessions focusing on the new standard with a lecture about the implementation of this universal FMI interface in SimulationX. The standard is implemented in SimulationX by code generation of functional Mock-Up Units (FMU) for model exchange and co-simulation as well as the import of FMU into SimulationX.

The conference audience can learn more about the practical application of the FMI standard within the joint partner lecture of QTronic, Daimler AG, and ITI. Here SimulationX is part of a tool chain for the model-based development of controller software in the field of automotive powertrains. The presented environment offers all possibilities for the improvement, validation and troubleshooting of controller software in a closed loop with vehicle models based on Modelica.

The illustration of a process chain for the real-time simulation of vapor compression cycles is the objective of the partner lecture presented by TLK-Thermo, Technical University Braunschweig, Technical University Clausthal and ITI. The partners present an innovative approach for the evaluation of fluid characteristics and numerically efficient component models. The focus is placed on different methods for the modeling of heat exchangers. By means of SimulationX the model code of the thermodynamic process is exported directly for the real-time platform Scale-RT and coupled with PI controller hardware.

The third partner lecture of EA Energiearchitektur, IAD and ITI answers the increasing demand for renewable energies in the building and architecture segment. This cooperation resulted in the development of a Modelica library in SimulationX for the holistic analysis of different energy sources and sinks. In terms of energy management the library enables an adequate energy allocation and considers climatic influences as well as local and economic conditions. This allows designing an optimal system considering individual factors.

The fourth partner lecture in cooperation with the Technical University Dresden describes how the new FMI standard is used to establish a universal model exchange. By employing the new standard exchange format a single simulation model can be used for various purposes in different software tools.

Together with the institute for processing machines and mobile working machines (IVMA) of the Technical University Dresden ITI organizes one of the tutorials on the opening day. The tutorial presents different analyzing methods for Modelica models in SimulationX facilitating the model generation for hardware-in-the-loop applications. The experience of real-time simulations and the different applications of the software form the core of the tutorial. Participants have the opportunity to explore all modeling and analysis capabilities during the tutorial. The results can be also experienced directly after the tutorial at IVMA’s interactive motion simulator and can be discussed with experts and industry insiders in a casual atmosphere.

“With our lectures we illustrate the added value of the versatile modeling and analysis opportunities in SimulationX in combination with the language standard Modelica. Interacting with participants in the tutorial and at the booth we make this added value come alive. Furthermore we give a perspective on the future developments and upcoming SimulationX features in the vendor session”, explains Christian Kehrer, ITI Key Account Manager.