Feb 17, 2011

Infolytica Corporation releases MotorSolve v2.5

Montreal, QC: Infolytica Corporation has announced the latest release of MotorSolve, the company’s electric machine design software, is now available. MotorSolve v2.5 has numerous improvements to the template modeling engine, results charts, and the user interface in general. A new online documentation resource is also available with this release.

The improvements to the template library include a new interior/exterior wound rotor template. The template modeling engine used in MotorSolve has also been fine tuned, allowing for a more intuitive experience. All of the changes result in users being able to perform even more detailed analysis of their machine design.

Coinciding with this release of MotorSolve is the launch of LiveDocs for MotorSolve. In addition to the basic and general information available in the MotorSolve Help, the MotorSolve Live Docs provide in-depth information allowing one to gain better control and understanding of many MotorSolve's advanced features, such as

* The Variation Geometry engine
* Sizing feature
* Stator windings
* Lumped parameter
* Fields and Fields Charts sample results
* Specific motor concepts - ex: general PWM & cogging torque

Infolytica will be holding a free web seminar on February 24th, 2011 to demonstrate the newest features available in MotorSolve v2.5. To register, visit the Machine Design with MotorSolve v2.5 registration page.
Pricing and Availability

MotorSolve v2.5 is now available for PC's running Microsoft Windows XP, Vista and 7. For information regarding pricing or to request an evaluation, please contact an Infolytica Corporation representative nearest you.

Maintained clients can visit support.infolytica.com to download this update, access the new MotorSolve LiveDocs or read the Release Notes for full details.
About Infolytica Corporation

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