Feb 3, 2011

FISHER/UNITECH Announces New CAD317 Course

Troy, MI - FISHER/UNITECH, a product lifecycle management solutions provider, announces a new SolidWorks course called CAD317 SolidWorks Routing-Piping and Tubing. This course is specifically designed for engineers who work with routed systems in SolidWorks. CAD317 is currently scheduled as an online course, consisting of four sessions at two and a half hours each, and costs $795 per student.

Prerequisites include mechanical design and Windows operating system experience, and students must first take CAD110 SolidWorks Essentials. Topics include fundamentals of routing, tubing and piping routes, changes and components, using P&ID files and piping skids. Students enrolled in CAD317 will take the new SolidWorks Applied Technology (SWAT) exam as part of FISHER/UNITECH's effort to deliver higher quality education.

CAD317 is included in the company's 3DU Education Pass Premium, which enables students to take up to 17 courses within a 12 month period for $3,995.