Feb 3, 2011

ESPRIT 2011 by DP Technology at MecSpe Eurostampi 2011 March 24-26

DP Technology, creator of ESPRIT®, will exhibit ESPRIT 2011, the latest version of its innovative software, at Eurostampi 2011, slated for March 24-26 in Parma, Italy.

Considered an important platform for both users and exhibitors, Meccanica Specializzata, or Specialized Mechanics (MecSpe) Eurostampi 2011, is an international exhibition of mold, press and injection-mold machines. Exhibitors from around the globe attend the event to present the latest mold-industry specific software, equipment and processing techniques.

Visitors to Eurostampi are encouraged to visit the ESPRIT exhibit, at which knowledgeable representatives of DP Technology will be available to discuss vital upgrades and perform demonstrations of how those upgrades can be put to work for you.

Among significant enhancements included in ESPRIT 2011 are upgrades to 3-and-5-axis ESPRIT mold cycles.

Among these upgrades is the new tangent pass extension toolpath option, which allows users to apply a tangent extension at the two extremities of open passes. This new option has been added to parallel planes, Z-level and between-curves finishing, as well as to 5-axis composite milling.

For all 3-and-5-axis SolidMill® Mold cycles, “Retract Optimization” has been updated with a new option called “Within Operation” that optimizes retracts within the operation. The tool starts and ends at the full clearance height.

Among several enhancements made to all 5-axis mold cycles is a new option for controlling the orientation of the tool axis within the composite cycle. This new “Normal to Model” orientation strategy keeps the tool axis perpendicular to model surfaces regardless of the selected drive surface.

This new strategy is advantageous when a knitted surface is selected as a drive surface for a projected toolpath (‘Machining Pattern’ set to ‘Project Parametric Pattern’ or ‘Project Spiral’).