Feb 17, 2011

Energy Transfer Automates Pipeline Inspections with Capturx Software

HOUSTON, TX - Adapx has announced that Energy Transfer has adopted a Capturx pipeline solution for digital pens to automate pipeline inspections and reporting from the field. The announcement was made at the Pipeline Pigging & Integrity Management Conference in Houston, where Capturx solutions are being showcased to attendees from February 14th-17th. Pipeline operators are collecting more field data than ever to improve operational visibility, service equipment more efficiently, and ensure compliance -- often using paper forms. With Capturx Software pipeline field teams can digitize data as they write using digital pens which send the data to central offices for faster inspections, service, and reporting without disruptive workflow changes, complex devices, scanning, or data entry.

"Energy Transfer manages a complex pipeline network providing reliable service to more than a million customers nationwide," said Julienne Franco, Supervisor of Pipeline Integrity, Energy Transfer. "With Capturx we can streamline our pipeline inspections, enabling our field engineering teams to collaborate in real time and keep service levels high." Energy Transfer joins other pipeline industry leaders including Enbridge, Schlumberger, and Colonial Pipeline in automating their inspection and maintenance paperwork with Capturx Software for digital pens.

Paper persists in pipeline operations as a convenient and reliable way to record inspections and service on paper forms, maps, and CAD prints -- in a variety of harsh weather conditions and remote field environments. While it's easy to collect data on paper, the data often languishes in the field or in offices before it's scanned or re-entered into the systems used to quickly identify, resolve, and pinpoint issues. By instantly recording handwritten data and sending it to back-office systems, Capturx enables teams to speed up data access and processing so workforces can more quickly and efficiently inspect, service, and report on conditions. Data is instantly accessible in the original handwriting and as native converted data in Microsoft Office, SharePoint, PDF files, ArcGIS, and a variety of back-end systems.

"Pipeline teams want to focus on inspections and service without the distractions of excessive paperwork or complex mobile devices in variable field conditions," said Ken Schneider, CEO of Adapx. "A range of pipeline leaders are getting faster data access with Capturx so they can more quickly document conditions, and identify and resolve issues without the unnecessary delays, costs, and risks of sending and transcribing paper."

Attendees of the 2011 Pipeline Pigging and Integrity Management Conference in Houston on February 14th can see a hands-on demo and learn more about Capturx in the Adapx booth (#512).