Feb 25, 2011

Dong-eui University Opens New Educational Center and Features Intergraph SmartPlant and SmartMarine Enterprise Technology

South Korean university establishes center to provide specialized training for next-generation engineers for marine and offshore industry.

HUNTSVILLE, Ala - Dong-eui University (DEU) has opened Convergence of IT Devices Institute (CiDi) in Busan, South Korea, which is a new educational center for its naval architecture and ocean engineering students to provide them with specialized training for the marine and offshore industry through the use of Intergraph® technology.

DEU recognizes the importance of industry advancement through education for its university students and sought to collaborate with industry partners to build its academic curriculum. DEU selected Intergraph’s world-leading enterprise engineering software for its new educational center in Busan, which is the main city for shipbuilding and chemical plants in South Korea. CiDi will incorporate Intergraph SmartPlant® and SmartMarine® Enterprise software into its training courses, ensuring its engineering students are well-equipped with the relevant tools and knowledge when they graduate and enter the marine and offshore industry workforce.

Intergraph’s SmartPlant 3D and SmartMarine 3D (collectively known as Smart 3D) software is the most advanced process, power, marine asset and ship design software offered in two decades, providing all the software capabilities needed to design and build onshore and offshore facilities. SmartPlant Enterprise is a comprehensive product suite offering increasing value from IT to improve project execution, safety, handover, and plant operational efficiency. Intergraph’s innovative technology enables organizations to address long-term strategic engineering opportunities for plant design and operations at the enterprise level.

“As part of the prestigious Dong-eui University and the nation’s only institute specialized in shipbuilding, we strive to provide our students with the best educational tools available,” said Yun-Sik Yu, director of CiDi. “Intergraph technology will enable us to revitalize the local IT industry by providing value-added higher education with relevance to the marine and offshore industry.”

“Intergraph is honored to partner with CiDi and privileged to play a role in positively impacting current and future generations of engineers,” said Gerhard Sallinger, president of Intergraph Process, Power & Marine. “We are pleased that CiDi has chosen SmartPlant and SmartMarine Enterprise technology for integration into its education programs, enabling its graduates to take with them the knowledge and expertise for increased productivity and enhanced global competitiveness in the marine and offshore industry.”

The ARC Advisory Group, a leading industry analysis firm, ranked Intergraph the No. 1 overall engineering design 3D software and process engineering tools (PET) provider worldwide according to its PET Worldwide Outlook Market Analysis and Forecast through 2013.