Feb 23, 2011

Delcam to promote Healthcare Division at UKTI’s Life Sciences IBIZ 2011

CADCAM developer Delcam will promote the latest developments from its Healthcare Division at the UKTI Life Sciences International Business Zone to be held on 9th and 10th March within the Healthcare Innovation Expo in London. The company established its dedicated Healthcare Division in 2009 to provide a greater focus on this increasingly important part of its business. The Division helps companies across the medical, dental and associated industries to take advantage of the latest computer-based design and manufacturing techniques.

"Sales of our healthcare systems have more than trebled since we launched the Healthcare Division,” claimed Business Development Manager, Chris Lawrie. "However, most of this growth has come from business in Europe, the USA and Australia. We expect IBIZ to help us to identify new markets in a wider range of countries, especially in Asia.”

Companies in the healthcare industry face the same demands from their patients that Delcam’s traditional engineering clients see from their customers for faster delivery of better and cheaper products. Patients want to receive higher quality products and services, and they want to complete their treatment in the shortest-possible time. At the same time, healthcare companies are under pressure to provide this higher quality at lower cost and to increase their productivity to meet the growing demand. Delcam believes that these requirements can only be met through the application of more advanced and more automated technology.

Delcam’s increased emphasis on the healthcare industry comes at a time when the sector is expanding rapidly and when it is much more receptive to computer-based technology. The aging population in industrialised countries and the growing affluence of the emerging economies mean that the healthcare industry is seeing global growth. Through its existing engineering business, Delcam is established in more than 80 countries worldwide and so can provide international support to larger healthcare providers and original equipment manufacturers.

Equally, Delcam’s focus on the toolmaking and subcontracting industries means that the company’s staff are used to dealing with smaller companies on a local level. All Delcam offices, whether wholly-owned subsidiaries, joint ventures or independent resellers, are renowned for the high level of support they provide to all their customers.

Delcam has, of course, been active in many areas of the healthcare business for several years. Its design, reverse engineering, machining and inspection software are used in a wide range of applications from the production of prostheses, through to the manufacture of surgical instruments and all types of medical packaging. This is especially true for the PartMaker machining system for turn-mill equipment and Swiss-type lathes. These machines are used extensively for the manufacture of medical and dental components, to the extent that around 70% of PartMaker sales already come from the healthcare industry.

More recently, Delcam has introduced several specific products for the healthcare market. These include the DentCAD and DentMILL programs for the design and manufacture of dental restorations, which were awarded the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in the Innovation category, and the OrthoModel and OrthoMill software for the development of orthotics. The company also offers special versions of its CRISPIN range of footwear design and manufacturing software for the production of orthopaedic footwear.

The common theme with all these products is that they take existing Delcam technology and add a dedicated interface that uses imagery and terminology from the healthcare sector. This makes the software easy to learn and quick to use for healthcare professionals, even those that are not familiar with using computer-based design and manufacturing. Furthermore, all of this dedicated software has been developed in association with leading practitioners in the various areas of the healthcare industry. Support and advice from these experts continues to guide the further development of Delcam’s programs.