Feb 1, 2011

Delcam establishes new manufacturing services subsidiary

Paul Wilkinson has been appointed General Manager of Delcam’s Professional Services Group subsidiary.

Delcam has converted its Professional Services Group into an independent subsidiary, Delcam Professional Services Ltd. (DPS), as the first stage in a significant expansion planned for its process development activities. The new subsidiary also includes the company’s former Tooling Services Division, which has been renamed as the Delcam Advanced Manufacturing Facility.

The primary focus of DPS will continue to be working with clients, mainly in the aerospace and power generation industries, to improve their manufacturing processes by increasing productivity, improving accuracy and shortening lead times. In particular, this will be achieved through the use of adaptive machining, Delcam’s unique combination of machining and inspection technology.

The services to be provided by DPS will vary from providing extra design and programming resources when the customer’s existing staff are overloaded, through to developing completely new turn-key processes for the production of novel designs, including the manufacture of prototypes or initial production runs. These services are attracting increased demand as many companies now find that their engineering resource is needed to maintain their on-going operations, leaving them limited capacity to introduce new products and develop new processes.

The decision to merge Delcam’s unique in-house manufacturing facility into DPS was made after the two groups had worked closely on a number of major projects. In each case, processes developed by the Professional Services Group were proven on the machinery at Delcam’s Birmingham headquarters before being transferred onto equipment at the customer’s site. The Tooling Services name had become increasingly inappropriate as the projects being undertaken had moved almost entirely away from toolmaking to aerospace components.

Paul Wilkinson, the current head of the Professional Services Group, has been appointed General Manager of the new subsidiary. Paul initially joined Delcam as Senior CAM Consultant in 2002, after working as a Software Development Director with Parametric Technology Corporation. Prior to working for PTC, he spent some 15 years at Computervision, rising to Software Development Manager with responsibility for all of the company’s manufacturing products.

The first of a series of planned appointments to the new subsidiary is Martin Boon, who has transferred from the Delcam UK sales team to become UK Sales Manager for the subsidiary. He will also be involved with developing opportunities in the growing Middle East market. While working in UK sales, Martin was responsible for a number of large aerospace accounts that were already using the Group’s services. He has more than 30 years of CADCAM experience, including 20 years in sales.

Brett Hopkins will remain responsible for DPS sales into North America, while Hans Kunen will continue as Manager of the DPS Asian operation in Singapore.