Feb 25, 2011

Delcam displays latest PartMaker technology at PMTS 2011

Delcam will demonstrate the latest version of its PartMaker software for programming turn-mill centres and Swiss-type lathes at PMTS 2011 in Columbus, Ohio, from 19th to 21st April. Major highlights of PartMaker Version 2011 include more powerful milling functionality, more vivid set-up documentation, new specialist turning routines, a more flexible tooling library, improved simulation of unique machine tool architectures and a host of additional productivity enhancements.

As the leading CADCAM software choice of North American precision parts manufacturers, Delcam’s PartMaker Division will have the largest booth of any CADCAM vendor at PMTS. Other Delcam products on display will include PowerMILL, the industry leading CAM system for the manufacture of complex shapes, and PowerSHAPE, the preeminent 3D design tool for manufacture on the market today.

"With the recent recovery in the production machining market, manufacturers are looking to be more productive by staying abreast of latest technology,” says PartMaker Division President, Hanan Fishman. "PartMaker 2011 allows our existing and prospective users to be more competitive by providing them with more functionality and more power, together with the same legendary ease of use they have come to expect from PartMaker.”

"Since joining Delcam, the functionality, capability and power of the PartMaker CAM software suite has grown massively by taking advantage of Delcam's extensive development resources. Delcam's worldwide team of over 225 developers is the CAM software industry’s largest development team. Multi-axis milling functionality that has taken Delcam many, many man years to develop is being added to PartMaker at a rapid pace and reduced cost, which provides a major benefit to the product's end users.”

"PartMaker Version 2011 also has an optional module for 3D design, providing PartMaker users best in breed software for both CNC programming and addressing ‘design for manufacturability’ issues”, added Mr. Fishman.

The PowerSHAPE Companion for PartMaker, an optional module to allow you to design 3D models, repair poor quality 3D data and modify 3D geometry to improve "Design for Manufacturability”. This new optional module features the powerful "Solid Doctor” utility, allowing you to read and repair models from all sources and tackle the common problems that can be found when translating low-precision and incomplete 3D data by detecting and repairing faults in engineering models and generating a valid, high-precision solid model ready for programming in PartMaker.

PartMaker Version 2011 lets users manage their tool inventory in a new, more universal manner through the use of "Master Tools Databases.” Master Tools Databases can be edited, manipulated and stored through external database programs like Microsoft Excel and individual tools can be quickly imported for specific jobs. This new approach makes programming more productive because it allows you to quickly choose tools created previously faster than before. It also allows you to reduce the size of a given tool library for a particular programming job. Tools can be interchanged between PartMaker’s Tool Files and your Master Tools Database.

Bar-Fed Mills are a new breed of machine tool technology that is growing more popular for the production of small, complex parts for such applications as medical device, aerospace, fluid power and any other industry that requires complex small parts. In many ways, these machines represent the future of complex, low volume, small parts manufacturing. With Version 2011, PartMaker aims to establish itself as the market leading system for automating the programming of Bar-Fed Mills by introducing a number of new features for handling the unique programming issues presented by these machines. PartMaker Version 2011 simulates the unique architectures and machine kinematics of Bar-Fed mills in its 3D simulation module and supports the Bar-Fed mill offerings with robust post processors and vivid simulation of such machines from leading builders like Willemin-Macodel, Bumotec, Chiron, Mazak, Star and others.

A host of improvements to the PartMaker Documentation Wizard module have been added, including a number of new standard set-up sheet templates as well as the ability to automatically create "mid process” set-up sheets. "Mid process” set-up sheets display a picture of the part being machined at each step in the machining process as well as a graphical view of the tool used in that process. Such set-up sheets can be a great way to communicate to shop floor personnel exactly how a part should be processed and can thus speed-up setup time and reduce the possibility of errors.

PartMaker Version 2011 also includes a number of enhancements to the software’s sophisticated surface machining strategies. These improvements include the addition of a more powerful Surface Swarfing strategy which makes programming swarfing easier and more accurate. The new version also includes the addition of 4-axis Swarfing, which allows you to perform more sophisticated milling on machines only capable of 4-axis cutting, which includes most Swiss-type lathes on the market today.