Feb 24, 2011

CADS Acquires C.A.S.E. Scaffolding Software

Engineering software specialist and developer of SMART Scaffolder, CADS has acquired C.A.S.E. (computer assisted scaffold estimating) software from Gary Day Associates Ltd of Keynsham, near Bristol.

The acquisition confirms CADS’s place as the UKs leading professional scaffolding software company whose capabilities include software customisation, training, technical support ‘Hot-line’ and maintenance services.

The addition of the C.A.S.E. software means that CADS is able to meet a wider set of customer needs and presents CADS with a significant opportunity to grow its business in new markets.

Over time CADS expects to fulfil future scaffolding software needs by delivering a compelling and industry-defining technology solution that meets a broader range of customer needs thus defining an even better future for the scaffolding industry both in the UK and abroad.

The combined scaffold software toolset boasts a broader set of software tools, services and solutions for estimating, quoting, designing, checking and drawing all manner of Scaffolding projects. Automatic checking for TG20 compliance is of particular benefit.

CADS is committed to offering high quality, powerful and flexible scaffolding software that saves time and improves efficiency.

Increased productivity through streamlined workflow is not the only benefit of the combined toolset which will also enable CADS to offer tighter integration of its applications.

With its 35 year history of supporting the UK construction industry and strong Structural Engineering heritage CADS is able to draw on its unique combination of technical expertise and market experience to develop innovative software solutions for scaffold estimating and scaffold design.

CADS works closely with its customers and the UK industry body, the NASC (National Access & Scaffolding Confederation) to ensure its products comply with current technical guidance, such as SG4 and TG20:08, and the HSE (Health and Safety Executive.)

The first commercial version of C.A.S.E. was released in 1986. Written and developed ‘by Scaffolding People for Scaffolding People’ C.A.S.E. has been generating scaffolding quotations since 1986.

The C.A.S.E. program is designed to allow scaffolding estimators to quickly and efficiently generate a scaffolding quotation to the customer with little or no typing, and for them to be confident that the materials calculated, labour allowed and drawings produced, truly do reflect the scaffold to be built.

CADS Sales Director Ian Chambers said “CADS recognises the strong equity of the C.A.S.E. and Gary Day Associates names and as a result will maintain it distinct from the CADS and SMART Scaffolder brands for the foreseeable future. CADS will be committed to supporting the needs of C.A.S.E. users and the company will continue to work with all customers to define a future roadmap for its scaffolding software products.”

CADS’ passion, creativity, and operational excellence mean customers receive the benefit of accelerating innovations in BIM (Building Information Modelling) that will change the way that scaffolders everywhere are experiencing and interacting with 3D digital information.

Building owners and main contractors alike are increasingly demanding that Scaffolding quotations and working plans, risk assessments and method statements are supported by high quality presentations including 3D images and AutoCAD drawings.

C.A.S.E. and CADS customers ranging from sole traders through medium sized regional companies to national and global corporations, such as Cape Industrial Services and Harsco, benefit from powerful scaffold estimating programs that offer:

* Accurate and consistent pricing across all types of works
* Automatic TG20 compliance checking
* Professional and detailed scaffolding quotations on company quotation forms
* Labour assessed the way you want to price
* Full and accurate loading lists for tube and fitting and system scaffolding such as cuplok
* Detailed scaffolding drawings linked to AutoCAD & DXF files
* Management reports and pricing controls

CADS Sales Director Ian Chambers said “The C.A.S.E. software fulfils a distinct role, is popular with its users and there are no plans to change that. Both companies’ product offerings work in parallel with each other and as a result many of our customers are already benefitting from using our product alongside Gary Day Associates’ software.”

The addition of C.A.S.E. to the CADS product line emphasises the breadth and diversity of requirements. “With C.A.S.E. on board we can stop diverting valuable resource to compete with it and focus on creating even more value for our customers” said Chambers.