Feb 16, 2011

C&R Technologies Partners with Comet Solutions to provide Next Generation Thermal Analysis Capabilities

Boulder, Colorado — C&R Technologies has announced the worldwide release of the new Thermal Workshop™ product. Thermal Workshop is CRTech’s exclusive thermal-specific version of Comet™, the innovative multi-physics engineering analysis environment from Comet Solutions, Inc. Developed specifically to integrate seamlessly with CRTech’s Thermal Desktop® product, Thermal Workshop greatly extends the analysis capabilities and productivity of the Thermal Desktop user.

Thermal Workshop solves long-standing problems associated with the extraction of geometry from CAD models to thermal analysis software. Thermal Workshop provides capabilities for importing native CAD (e.g., Pro/E, Solidworks, NX CAD), ACIS, STEP, and IGES files, and passing corresponding meshes and other model information seamlessly into Thermal Desktop. In the Thermal Workshop environment, objects may be “tagged” as needed to describe boundary conditions, contact conductance, heater locations, etc. Once the analysis process has been created and saved, if the CAD geometry is altered, then the process can be used to automatically update the Thermal Desktop model. The Thermal Workshop environment can also be extended to enable automation of other multi-disciplinary and multi-physics engineering analysis domains.

In addition to executing a SINDA/FLUINT thermal analysis in the traditional “batch execution” mode from within a pre-defined process template, Thermal Workshop and Thermal Desktop can be running simultaneously with 3D CAD software during an interactive thermal model building session on the thermal engineer’s workstation. This enables the thermal analyst to leverage the unique capabilities above of Thermal Workshop while still working from within the familiar environment of Thermal Desktop. Bottom line, Thermal Workshop will enable thermal analysts to significant increase their analysis process productivity and spend more time evaluating “what if” design alternatives vs. repeatedly performing manual and error-prone geometry manipulation and model building/meshing tasks.

Thermal Workshop is the logical next step in a 4-year strategic business partnership between C&R Technologies and Comet Solutions Inc. to provide world-class geometry-integrated modeling and simulation process automation for thermal analysis engineers.

“Comet Solutions has developed a very tight working relationship with CRTech’s technical team and we are extremely excited about the impact that our partnership will have on the way that thermal engineering is performed across many industries”, said Malcolm Panthaki, CTO and Founder of Comet Solutions. “CRTech’s deep thermal analysis domain expertise and industry experience has been instrumental in developing the initial user requirements for this new Thermal Workshop product and Comet will continue to work closely with CRTech to ensure that Thermal Workshop expands in functionality to meet the needs of the advanced thermal analysis community worldwide.”

States Brent Cullimore, President and co-founder of C&R Technologies, “We are continually searching for ways to make thermal/fluid engineers more productive and to enable them to participate more fully in early design stages. Both goals are being met by our collaboration with Comet Solutions, who brings exciting new technologies that overcome traditional hurdles in model development and maintenance. Both companies’ shared commitment to customer success has led to a tremendously powerful product.”

Formed in 1992, C&R Technologies provides products and services in the areas of heat transfer and fluid flow design and analysis. C&R Technologies are the authors of world-class thermal and fluid software including SINDA/FLUINT, Thermal Desktop®, RadCAD®, FloCAD® and Sinaps®.

Comet’s Performance Engineering Workspace is a geometry-independent and tool-neutral integrated modeling environment for performing multi-disciplinary simulation process automation for standard, well-defined and repeatable design engineering activities. Comet enables CAE analysts, systems engineers and design engineers to: * Capture and re-use engineering IP/best practices
* Perform more robust trade studies earlier in the product design process
* Collaborate across the entire project team
* Reduce manual re-work and errors
* Maintain consistency of simulation results over time
* Have all project engineering disciplines work off the same product data
* Have an audit trail of all project models, simulation processes & results