Feb 10, 2011

BlueCielo Releases BlueCielo Publisher 2011

Automate the rendering and publishing of your engineering content with BlueCielo Publisher, a data management system-independent solution which handles multiple file sources and target file formats.

Rijswijk, The Netherlands – BlueCielo ECM Solutions announced today that it has released a brand new rendering and publishing solution for any data management system – BlueCielo Publisher 2011.

For those who need to publish data, rendered or in native form, BlueCielo Publisher is the only product that offers the automated rendering and publishing of engineering content, such as drawings and Microsoft Office documents, for any data management system. This means that everyone in the organization and all relevant external parties are able to view the latest released engineering content, while the native document content is stored and maintained within a controlled system.

BlueCielo Publisher adds value to situations where data (files with or without metadata) has to be reviewed and commented on by others who do not have access to the system holding the source files, or where native content may need to be protected from violation of intellectual property rights. BlueCielo Publisher can be used in conjunction with multiple source and target systems. Adding multiple source and target systems increases its capabilities rapidly, making BlueCielo Publisher a highly versatile product which facilitates data exchange between a variety of file storage locations, such as:

* BlueCielo Meridian Enterprise
* BlueCielo Kronodoc
* Microsoft Windows File System
* Microsoft SharePoint
* IBM FileNet P8
* EMC Documentum
* OpenText’s Livelink

For the rendering of files into a neutral format, BlueCielo Publisher uses Oracle’s AutoVue. AutoVue enables the rendering of many source file formats into several output file formats such as PDF, TIFF, DWF and more. More sophisticated options are available to tweak the output files according to specific needs, such as merging multiple PDFs into a single PDF, and adding watermarks or electronic signatures to PDFs.

With BlueCielo Publisher, publishing jobs can be configured to occur according to a preset schedule, or to be processed on arrival. During the publishing process, log and trace data is stored in a Microsoft SQL or Oracle database, which can be easily accessed remotely from the Administrator Console.