Feb 25, 2011

AutoTrack 9 Junctions with ARCADY 7.1 link now available

Savoy Computing have announced the launch of AutoTrack 9. The new version includes Junctions, a new roundabout design module with a unique real time data link to ARCADY 7.1.

AutoTrack Junctions lets engineers design roundabouts to built-in national or user-defined standards but, unlike most other software, it allows the user the freedom to experiment with designs that exceed the limits defined by the chosen standard. The system monitors the design and displays warning symbols when parameters exceed the standard. The built in Audit function then lists any conflicts and provides the designer with an opportunity to justify them. The system currently ships with pre-defined UK and US roundabout standards but allows the user to create or edit others.

The Junctions module has been developed in close collaboration with TRL (the UK’s Transport Research Laboratory) and links dynamically to their industry standard ARCADY program. The link allows Junctions to pass geometric data to ARCADY which in turn passes back flow and capacity data. These values, along with other critical analysis values such as fastest line speed and entry radius, are displayed in easy to read panels on the roundabout in Junctions allowing the designer to monitor the performance of the roundabout as the geometry is adjusted. The system is expected to change the way designers work by speeding up the design process and thereby allowing them to analyse alternatives quicker.