Feb 24, 2011

Anaglyph Ltd releases Laminate Tools version 4.1

Anaglyph Ltd has released Laminate Tools version 4.1. Laminate Tools is a powerful Windows application aimed at the professional composites designer. It addresses the entire Design-Analysis-Check-Manufacture group process of structural design, but focuses on the composite material features. It is a tool that links the various disciplines, communicates original data between departments, ensures proper understanding of the structure, offers in-depth checks and saves valuable team time.

with native support for NASTRAN and ANSYS that ensures wide compatibility in the analysis of composites. Users import surface models from almost any CAD system and define composite materials, plies and layup using a state-of-the-art graphical user interface. Ply producibility can be evaluated immediately using proven draping simulation algorithms to identify potential manufacturing difficulties, meaning fewer change orders downstream.

Data for finite element analysis purposes are generated seamlessly, ensuring that analysis models reflect the design intent. Results from the finite element analysis can be checked in detail using advanced composites failure criteria, and weak areas identified rapidly.

Manufacturing data such as flat patterns are produced to ensure efficient use of manufacturing data. Finally, Laminate Tools can be used as an electronic ply book to communicate the complex structure of composite components and structures to clients, subcontractors and the shop floor.

New features in Laminate Tools version 4.1 :


* enabled the import of 3D curves from CAD, and other geometric entities for future enhancements
* implemented new embedded SolidWorks interface, for easy ply definition


* enabled ply Split (dart) definitions as curves unrelated to the mesh, for easier generation of accurate flat ply patterns
* added method of area picking bounded by an imported Boundary curve
* added method of area picking by similar element normal orientation
* enhanced the area picking method by visible element set
* added support for import/export of element sets in Session files


* enabled Boundary curve definitions for easy and accurate flat ply outline pattern generation (incl. cutouts)
* easy ply drop-off flat patterns now possible via imported boundary curves
* added ply name to flat pattern DXF file, as a new pattern export option
* introduced option to control the default exported IGES file extension name, for improved compatibility


* enhanced the Nastran export "merge" feature, to scan the mesh and property ids for best merged results
* added support for the new Ansys element shell type 281
* enabled Ansys properties export including global ply definition (zero thickness at drop-off)
* added Laminate Tools material names to Nastran export files, for easier identification and re-use


* Enabled basic output of generated failure results to the Altair HyperWorks H3D format, with further enhancements under way

User Interface

* implemented COM Server Automation functionality, for remote control via custom client applications
* enabled user-selected licence at launch, useful for multi-licence sites
* several bugs corrected, and processing improved


* software updates in line with PlyMatch 2010 system upgrade, communication with the hardware re-engineered
* enhanced error reporting, to troubleshoot operations
* recording timer shows permanently during recording, and is stamped in the recording
* increased best recording quality to 15 frames per second
* available probe files now appear automatically in selection boxes
* relaxed tolerance of camera movement, for smoother animation
* relaxed default calibration tolerance for easier setup