Feb 16, 2011

Agility's Remanufacturing Features Helps California Cascade Move Forward

There is a reason Agility’s remanufacturing features appeal so well to lumber companies. The software simplifies the remanufacturing process and delivers powerful results. California Cascade Industries found this out over five years ago when they selected Agility and now; their business runs better because of it. The company, located in Sacramento, CA, is a manufacturer and distributor of redwood, cedar and treated lumber products to large home centers and independent retailers throughout the southwestern U.S. “We looked at three or four lumber-specific software programs,” California Cascade’s operations manager Tim Semons said. “For us, we do a lot of remanufacturing work and Agility had the best remanufacturing functionality out of the software companies.”

Agility’s remanufacturing features allow California Cascade and other lumber companies to manage value added processes easily, track each stage of the remanufacturing process including expected completion dates and costs, and have accurate inventory since Agility commits material used in the process so it is no longer shown as available for sale. California Cascade uses Agility’s remanufacturing for all material that is processed, decking, fencing, treated wood, deck accessories and priming/staining. They use one-to-one, one-to-many and many-to-one processing.

Productivity is much more streamlined with Agility’s remanufacturing process. Detailed remanufacturing work orders contain an array of valuable customer and product information, but more importantly they provide concise communication to production staff. California Cascade has seen productivity increase from remanufacturing processes, especially because information is available in real-time. “We do a variety of remanufacturing, so we can watch material go through so there’s not a lot of hang ups,” Semons described. “We don’t have to wait for the system to update at the end of the day to see the progress on our reman work. We like that instantaneous complete of the reman so we know what we have to keep moving forward.“ The remanufacturing functions are also intuitive, so it is easier for the company’s employees to grasp. “Once you have an understanding of the production process in the plant the reman process is easy to use,” Semons added.

Agility’s powerful remanufacturing features help California Cascade automate the purchasing and receiving process. “By pre-assigning tags, and giving visibility to any charges and costs attached to the PO, they can be checked for accuracy prior to updating the material into inventory,” Semons said.

By having information available in real-time, California Cascade is able to have accurate knowledge of their operations. “We all know what is going on pretty much to the minute for all aspects of our company in different branches,” Semons explained. “So, if we have customers calling for something, we can look and see if we have it, and that has been very helpful in the customer service aspect.” In order to have the big-picture view, California Cascade takes advantage of the tools in Agility. “The viewers, reports, stock status and other features make it really easy,” Semons added. “The fact that you can drill down and see what is going on is very useful.”