Feb 3, 2011

16th Finite Element for Flow Problems conference (FEF2011) to be held this year

Cenaero has been working steadily on the development and industrialisation of discontinuous Galerkin methods in CFD, as they will probably result much more appropriate and efficient than the classical Finite Volume Method, especially for advanced applications such as turbulence and optimisation. Cenaero has been involved in the European projects Adigma (FP6) and is currently contributing to IDIHOM (FP7), both devoted to this topic.

Cenaero will present its latest advances in three contributions. During the minisymposium organised by IDIHOM partners, two types of grid convergence analysis will be shown, applied to both RANS (flat plate and compressor cascade) and DNS computations (Taylor-Green vortex and transitional flow on the E387 airfoil at Re=60.000). Both papers involve advanced industrial-grade applications, clearly indicating the level of maturity of the method currently achieved at Cenaero. A third theoretical paper is dedicated to the stability analysis of the viscous terms.