Jan 10, 2011

Schott Systeme announces 13 Year CAD/CAM Price Freeze

MUNICH, Germany – Helping design and manufacturing companies to remain competitive, German software developer Schott Systeme GmbH has frozen their CAD/CAM software pricing for the 13th consecutive year.

This has also coincided with the launch of numerous new features covering their complete range of functionality for 2D design, 3D solid, surface and mesh modelling, 2.5D through to 5 axis milling, drilling and engraving, as well as for turning and wire cutting.

Outlining their pricing policy, company founder and owner Hans-Joachim Schott states, “Our aim is to enable our customers to invest in the very latest CAD/CAM technology, for every single CNC machine tool, while keeping both purchase and operating costs at a bare minimum.” This policy means that their standard design and machining package continues to remain under 10,000 Euros. The pricing of their stand alone 2D/3D CAD package also still remains at 2,800 Euros. With ongoing maintenance costs also being a major consideration, Hans-Joachim Schott continues “Our customers have to earn money with us, so we have retained our 26 year old policy of not charging for yearly maintenance, instead offering free life time support, while giving our customers the choice of when they wish to purchase major upgrades.”

Machinists should also be made aware that all of Schott Systeme's standard post processors are included free of charge.