Jan 10, 2011

Mold Maker 'Ju Teng International Holdings' deploys 300 seats of CimatronE

Ju Teng International Holdings Limited deploys 300 seats of CimatronE integrated CAD/CAM solution to increase efficiency across six manufacturing plants in China and Taiwan.

Givat Shmuel, Israel – Cimatron Limited has announced the winning of a new project with Ju Teng International Holdings Limited, under which Ju Teng will adopt CimatronE’s complete integrated CAD/CAM suite for mold design, die design and NC programming.

With major OEM/ODM customers for brand names such as Acer, Asus, Apple, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Sony and Toshiba, Ju Teng International Holdings claims 31% of the global notebook-casing market. The group has major manufacturing plants across China and Taiwan.

The Ju Teng Group has chosen to replace its existing 2D and 3D design software with CimatronE 3D software as the process-wide CAD/CAM solution and is expected to use more than 300 seats across its companies Suzhou Dazhi Communication Accessory Co., Ltd., Compal Precision Module (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd., Chengyang Precision Mold (Kunshan) Co., Ltd, WIS Precision (Kunshan) Co., Ltd., Lian-Yi Precision (Zhongshan) Inc. and Hong Ya Technology Inc. (Taiwan).

“We have been using CimatronE for our NC programming since 2004 and have benefited from efficient programming and quality machining results.” said Mr. Luo Rongde, Vice President of Ju Teng Group. “Our services lead the market in terms of efficiency and delivery time, so initially we were skeptical about the benefit of moving from a combination of 2D and 3D design software to a single 3D environment. Nevertheless, with the deployment of CimatronE 3D software for the entire design and manufacturing process, we have already managed to cut 20% of the mold design time during the testing period. Once the full scale implementation is completed, we expect to increase efficiency even further, improve the quality of our design and reduce our overall delivery times for the benefit of our customers.”

Ju Teng’s evaluation of CimatronE indicated the following benefits of implementing the software:

* The deployment of a single Integrated Solution across the entire engineering and manufacturing process eliminates the need for data translation between departments (Design, NC, electrodes, etc.)
* A single CAD solution for design reduces mistakes when working together between different units.
* 3D tool design makes it much easier to locate and solve interference of components in the assembly. It also makes it easier for parts to be sent out for NC programming and machining.
* The use of standard part and mold set library during the design phase saves time and reduces errors in the assembly.
* The mold base factory now receives 3D models directly instead of 2D templates, thus avoiding machining errors caused by mistakes in the 2D templates.
* CimatronE’s ease of use empowers less-experienced engineers and reduces dependence on senior engineers.
* Concurrent Engineering capabilities allow engineers to collaborate more effectively on the same mold, both within a department and between departments.

“Ju-Teng’s prestige in the global tooling industry and its exceptional standards of quality and delivery time are well known, “ said Lang Yan, Cimatron’s General Manager for Greater China. “Its recognition and its choice of CimatronE as an Integrated Solution for the entire tool making process of both molds and dies has had a very positive impact. While CimatronE has always been known in China as a leading NC solution, people are now seeing that the integrated CAD/CAM solution offers customers the greatest value and competitive advantage. We are happy to work in partnership with Ju Teng and are committed to its success.”