Jan 10, 2011

Jilin University’s College of Automotive Engineering Provides Students and Faculty With MathWorks Software School-Wide

Licensing Agreement Designed to Equip Students with Products, Technology, and Practices Used by World’s Leading Auto Companies.

NATICK, Mass. - MathWorks has announced that Jilin University’s College of Automotive Engineering in Changchun, China, has signed a software license agreement to provide all students and faculty at the college with MATLAB, Simulink, and 48 additional MathWorks products for technical computing and Model-Based Design.

“Providing broad access to MathWorks software for modeling, simulation, automatic code generation, and verification supports our mission to develop and train engineers who can help automotive companies in China remain competitive,” said Guan Hsin, dean of the College of Automotive Engineering at Jilin University. “We value the opportunities for hands-on learning that MATLAB and Simulink provide.”

Known as the “cradle of engineers,” Jilin University’s College of Automotive Engineering is one of China’s leading automotive-engineering schools. This license agreement –the first school-wide MathWorks licensing arrangement in China – will enable Jilin automotive engineering students to learn the latest techniques for system modeling, embedded systems development, algorithm development, and data analysis by using the same tools that have been adopted worldwide by the automotive industry.

“MathWorks believes in supporting engineering education around the world by helping schools attract and retain students in technical fields and produce engineering graduates with the knowledge and skill to succeed in the workplace,” said Jim Tung, MathWorks Fellow. “With this school-wide license, Jilin University’s College of Automotive Engineering is simultaneously addressing the global need for top-quality engineering education and developing the next generation of automotive design engineers.”