Jan 10, 2011

Geometric to showcase products for machining automation at IMTEX 2011

Mumbai: Geometric Limited will demonstrate machining automation with its leading products - CAMWorks® and DFMPro at Hall 3C, Booth # B-123 at IMTEX 2011 from January 20 - 26, 2011 at the Bangalore International Exhibition Center in Bangalore, India.

Geometric will demonstrate the latest versions of these products, CAMWorks 2011 and DFMPro version 2.3, at the event: CAMWorks 2011 provides significant capabilities, including improved knowledge-based machining information, a new electrode design solution for the mold and die industry, and smarter tool paths.

In this new version, the technologies that enable automation of NC programming have also been enhanced. Two new modules, ElectrodeWorks and VoluMill, further enhance the product’s automation capabilities. ElectrodeWorks module is an electrode design solution that automates all aspects related to electrodes, whereas, VoluMill provides an option to generate high-performance toolpaths for 2 and 3 axis high speed milling.

DFMPro version 2.3 focuses on improving the ease of DFM review comments to closure with support for formed features and inclusion of Microsoft Excel based DFM analysis reports. A new grouping functionality for wall thickness related rules has been added in the Injection Molding module that allows users to easily segregate results into groups based on the thickness ranges. CAD users will be able to quickly verify their designs within Pro/ENGINEER® and SolidWorks®, thus, reducing cost and time-to-market, while also improving the quality of manufactured parts. DFMPro 2.3 also facilitates collaborative design review process by generating comprehensive 3D reports in eDrawings® format. This capability is very useful for suppliers who can quickly generate eDrawings reports and share it with the OEM for their review, comments and acceptance.

“IMTEX 2011 offers a great platform to communicate directly with toolmakers and manufacturers, and to showcase how they can improve their productivity by using Geometric’s intelligent automation tools like CAMWorks and DFMPro”, said Sambit Pradhan, Business Development Manager, Desktop Products, Geometric.