Jan 10, 2011

Fishbowl Solutions Releases Workflow Solution Set™ for Oracle® Universal Content Management 11g

Latest Version of Workflow Automation Solution Simplifies Interface to Access and View Workflow Process Information.

Fishbowl Solutions, a consulting services and software development company specializing in solutions for Oracle’s Universal Content Management and WebCenter products, has released the latest version of Workflow Solution Set, a software application that enhances the user experience by providing intuitive methods to customize how workflow information is presented, distributed, updated, and processed within Oracle Universal Content Management (Oracle UCM).

“Workflow Solution Set has a proven history of extending additional workflow capabilities to Oracle UCM while improving the overall user experience,” said Billy Cripe, VP Marketing at Fishbowl Solutions. “Workflow is an important component of a company’s business processes as it provides the necessary levels of automation to increase process efficiency. However, most workflows have human interactions and it is here where interface complexity and incomplete instructions could create user confusion leading to process lag. Workflow Solution Set empowers end users involved in workflow steps to quickly and intelligently act on the tasks assigned to them, while delivering robust reporting and auditing capabilities helping companies proactively drive compliance initiatives.”

Expanding on its current list of features, the latest release not only includes support for Oracle UCM 11g but also the following features:

- Workflow Review Frames: Allows Oracle UCM administrators to customize the default Workflow Review Frames template to better facilitate the workflow process. This is accomplished by adding custom messages or instructions and hiding or showing certain links that appear under the workflow review sections, which include Tasks (Approve, Reject, Check Out), and Renditions (Web-Viewable, Native) – all specific to users involved in each workflow step.

- Character counting for rejection messages: Limits the amount of characters users can enter in the comments field when rejecting workflow items.

- Searching with date fields in Workflow Search: Enables date fields to be included as one of the parameters when searching for workflow items.

Workflow Solution Set is included in some of Fishbowl’s packaged software and services offerings, including Policies and Procedures, Contract Management, and Oracle UCM Admin Suite.

Workflow is a core technology component of enterprise content management (ECM) systems as it helps automate content-centric business processes by aggregating the efforts of multiple individuals or users. A common organizational workflow example is the process of adding content to a website. This process may include content contributors, reviewers, and managers. Although workflow for this process provides control and accountability, it may lack an intuitive interface to view, approve, monitor and access the information provided in each workflow step. So even though users involved in the process may receive proper notification to perform their tasks, they may not be able to complete them due to vague instructions and a confusing user interface. This results in workflow bottlenecks causing business processes to slow down.

Workflow Solution Set was specifically designed to enable Oracle UCM customers to leverage existing Oracle UCM workflow functionality quickly and easily, while providing a simple user experience. The product suite simplifies the basic Oracle UCM workflow interface so users and administrators can better see and access critical information necessary to do their jobs, ensuring a smooth business process flow. This is enabled through current product features such as the ability to approve or reject content items from workflow generated emails, search for and view content items in workflow and their status, and deliver workflow details to the appropriate constituent if content has been sitting at a step for an unacceptable amount of time. Additionally, Workflow Solution Set provides a full workflow audit trail, which is very important for compliance purposes.