Jan 10, 2011

Easton Bell Sports Selects Helius:CompositePro for Hockey R&D Group

Firehole Composites, provider of innovative software tools and engineering services designed to significantly improve structural design and analysis with composite materials, today announced the sale of Helius:CompositePro to Easton Bell Sports for use within their Hockey Research and Development Group. Easton Hockey technical prowess has made its stick the number 1 choice among NHL players and amateurs alike. Their popular Synergy model exemplifies the strategic application of advanced composite materials in performance sporting equipment.

“As a longtime user of CompositePro, I enjoy the ease of design analysis with CompositePro at such a reasonable cost. Additionally, CompositePro is a great teaching tool for my staff that may be newer to composite materials,” said Mike Snow, Manager, Hockey R&D.

“We are very dedicated to providing practical engineering tools that can deliver enhanced analysis capabilities to those desiring to be innovative with composite materials. Whether it’s airplane structures or high-tech sporting equipment, incredible things are being done with composite materials and we are pleased to offer a tool that can aid in that. CompositePro has found utility across many diverse industries. We’re proud to have Easton Bell’s Hockey R&D group as a valued customer,” said Jason Gies, Vice President, Firehole Composites.