Jan 10, 2011

CFdesign 2011 Winter Update Provides New Smoke and Thermal Tools for Architectural and MEP Engineers

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va - Blue Ridge Numerics, Inc has announced the CFdesign 2011 Winter Update is available for immediate download through the CFdesign customer portal. This latest update is part of the quarterly release schedule and includes many enhancements, including smoke visualization and thermal comfort indices which enable MEP and architectural design firms to meet increased demand by owners and architects for high-performance, sustainable buildings. This update also includes the addition of an Autodesk Revit navigation mode, to more seamlessly integrate CFD with BIM.

CFdesign smoke simulations allow engineers to better understand how to optimize make-up air (MUA) systems, reduce equipment sizes, and meet building codes while improving on NFPA guidelines which are especially stringent in atria and non-traditional spaces. In addition, building lifecycle costs can be dramatically reduced by using CFdesign to gain insight into sizing and installation of air handling systems and generators.

Thermal comfort indices can be studied with CFdesign and are used to help guarantee client satisfaction by combining all human factors within the built environment, including temperatures, clothing, activity levels, and air speeds. Predicted Mean Vote (PMV) and Percent Persons Dissatisfied (PPD) outputs are used to ensure that satisfaction within the built environment is maximized, leading to higher productivity, healthier occupants, and greener buildings.

“The CFdesign 2011 Winter Update further expands the set of simulation tools available to empower architects and mechanical engineers committed to designing safer, more energy efficient buildings. Architectural and MEP design engineers will find CFdesign to be the most comprehensive package available for simulating, investigating and optimizing the systems and sustainability strategies associated with ventilation, wind currents, data centers, thermal comfort and smoke removal,” says Parker Wright, CFdesign Industry Segment Manager, AEC.

CFdesign is released annually each fall followed by three scheduled quarterly updates, which is unique to the CAE industry. This consistent development process assures that CFdesign remains compatible and can take advantage of the latest release of each CAD/BIM tool, Microsoft Windows, and new hardware advancements.