Jan 10, 2011

AVEVA measures cost and time savings for instrumentation design

New Business Value Calculator helps instrumentation engineers quantify potential project savings.

CAMBRIDGE, UK: AVEVA, one of the world's leading providers of engineering design and information management solutions for the plant, power and marine industries, today announced the worldwide launch of the Instrumentation Business Value Calculator (BVC), a brand new interactive tool that calculates the savings that can be achieved by engineering companies by adopting the latest instrumentation technology.

The BVC assists with estimating the time and cost savings a business could achieve by implementing AVEVA Instrumentation, a true lifecycle solution for designing, installing and maintaining instrumentation in both plants and ships.

Based on typical working practices and feedback from the users of AVEVA Instrumentation, the BVC demonstrates the savings that are achievable in a real project. Using parameters such as head count, hourly costs and input/outputs which users can input themselves, they can calculate savings in man hours and money across a number of deliverables.

The BVC highlights the major benefits of AVEVA Instrumentation such as more productivity through catalogues and rule-based automation, and better project quality through right first time design and automatic, accurate materials and production information.

"Users of AVEVA Instrumentation have already seen benefits such as a 30% cost saving in man hours and a 50% rise in productivity", said Dave Gibson, Product Strategy Manager at AVEVA. "We have engaged with our customers to obtain real life working examples in order to assist their assessment of AVEVA Instrumentation with the BVC.

"Either stand-alone or fully integrated, AVEVA Instrumentation is the preferred choice for both the EPC in project design and the Owner Operator in everyday plant operations, not least because of its simple graphical interface and fully automated change management. This makes it far easier to use and far less prone to error than other instrumentation solutions currently available".