Jan 12, 2011

solidThinking Expands and Diversifies International Client Roster

3D concept design and styling software expands reach in several design markets worldwide.

TROY, Mich – solidThinking, Inc today reported continued momentum and growth in the industrial design software market with several new customers representing leading organizations in the architectural, consumer goods, fashion, jewelry and furniture industries.

solidThinking’s newly signed clients include:

* AXIO, a California-based luggage company specializing in hard shell backpacks.
* Best S.p.A., a manufacturer of kitchen hoods, and part of the American group Nortek Inc., the world leader in ventilation and air treatment.
* Bottega Veneta, a leader in luxury fashion best known for its signature leather goods, including handbags, luggage and leather wallets.
* Educa Borras, S.A., a leading manufacturer of family fun and educational games and puzzles for children and adults.
* HaroDesign Inc., a design firm founded by BMX champion Bob Haro specializing in motorsport accessories.
* Hintegra s.r.l., a store display design firm servicing some of the most renowned fashion brands.
* Luidia Inc., a global provider of innovative idea-capturing systems for the education, distance learning, conferencing, audio/visual and office products markets.
* Maped, a world-leading manufacturer of art supplies and accessories for schools, offices, creative hobbies and framing.
* Oneida Ltd., one of the world’s largest design, sourcing and distribution companies for stainless-steel and silver-plated flatware for the consumer and foodservice industries.
* Pelikan, a manufacturer of fine writing instrument products including art material, office products and craft and hobby markets.
* Safilo Group S.p.A., one of the largest manufacturers of sunglasses and optical frames and the global leader in high-end eyewear.
* Spartech, a leading producer of plastic products including polymeric compounds, concentrates, custom extruded sheet and rollstock products and packaging technologies.

“We are pleased to have the opportunity to collaborate with our new customers, who we feel represent future-focused and forward-thinking adopters of leading design technology,” said Jim Hassberger, vice president of business development and customer relations. “This increase in solidThinking software adoption by a variety of market industries worldwide further validates that innovation in product design will continue to be a key factor in differentiating companies from their competitors. Working with international design organizations has enabled solidThinking to obtain an insider’s view of what designers and architects need from 3D software technology to create a truly collaborative design process, from concept to execution.”

solidThinking’s NURBS-based software is compatible with leading design manufacturing and engineering software, encouraging improved computer-aided design (CAD) collaboration and productivity between industrial designers and engineers during the product development cycle. This emphasis on increased collaboration and productivity between design and engineering coincides with recent findings that industry developers are seeking ways to streamline and accelerate product lifecycle management (PLM).

For designers and architects who are interested exploring with form generation to experiment with, enhance and structurally optimize their initial design concepts, solidThinking offers solidThinking Inspired™ software. With solidThinking Inspired™, users can apply morphogenesis™ form-generation technology – which draws on the principles of biomimicry – to grow efficient shapes in response to environmental forces and pressures.

Wolfram Launches Course Assistant Apps for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad: Now Available in the App Store

First Apps to Include Algebra, Calculus, and Music Theory, with More to Follow.

Wolfram today announced Wolfram Course Assistant Apps for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

Course Assistants will help students excel in their classes by utilizing the hand-curated data of the Wolfram|Alpha computational knowledge engine within an easy-to-use mobile app that contains customized menus for every subject. These apps will allow students to increase their understanding of course material by providing guided menus in which students can enter their specific homework problems and see steps within the results. Algebra, Calculus, and Music Theory Course Assistants are available today, with many more on the way.

"Mobile devices are key to delivering computer-based STEM education," says Conrad Wolfram, Wolfram Strategy Director and Founder of computerbasedmath.org. "These Wolfram course apps are the first bridge between today's curricula and tomorrow's STEM education—customized for today's courses, yet packing calculating power for real-world problems."

Thanks to the depth of knowledge and flexibility of Wolfram|Alpha, the apps allow students to perform subject-specific tasks that involve parameters of their choosing, or to interact with results computed specifically for them. Want to hear a D Major pentatonic scale played out loud? Or plot a function from your algebra textbook? Or see the manual steps to compute an indefinite integral by hand? Course Assistants can do all of this, plus much more, from the convenience of your mobile device. Because many trillions of pieces of data already exist within Wolfram|Alpha, this is just the beginning for Course Assistant Apps.

Wolfram Research, makers of Mathematica and Wolfram|Alpha, has been providing solutions in education for over 20 years. Wolfram|Alpha powers mobile applications such as the Wolfram|Alpha App for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and Android, as well as content for ebooks published by Touch Press, such as The Elements: A Visual Exploration and Solar System for iPad.

Wolfram Algebra and Wolfram Music Theory are available today in the App Store for $1.99. Wolfram Calculus is available today in the App Store for $2.99.

SolidWorks Helps Amtrak Keep Rolling

America’s Intercity Rail Operator Uses Full Suite of Software for Creating Superior Passenger Experience.

CONCORD, Mass – If you’ve ever experienced the comfort of the Acela®, you’ve savored the fruits of a high-powered design team using SolidWorks® software for modeling, simulation, and data management.

Amtrak, the nation’s intercity passenger rail provider and only high-speed train operator, uses SolidWorks software to help refurbish all of its rail cars from the wheels up, updating compartments that in some cases can be 50 or 60 years old. But you’d never know it. As riders take in the nation’s landscape, they enjoy a setting as sleek as an upscale restaurant: comfortable seats, ample legroom, low-energy LED lighting systems, contemporary detail, integrated recycling bins, and overhead luggage pods.

“We’re as high tech as the airlines, and often faster point to point, but there’s room to breathe and no one gets stuck with a middle seat,” says Bruce Hoffman, manager of document control for Amtrak’s rolling stock engineering group. “In creating this experience, SolidWorks has helped us improve our productivity by 60 percent over our previous 2D practice, when you combine the benefits of design, simulation, and data management.”

SolidWorks provides ease of use, compatibility with legacy 2D data, integrated simulation, and product data management applications. The government-owned corporation uses SolidWorks on all of its fleet, including the Acela, Superliner, and Amfleet trains, and it’s the Amtrak standard for all new rolling stock designs. Its 3D visualization capabilities illustrate new concepts for executives.

A major productivity enhancer offered by SolidWorks is the ability to have any change to a model or drawing automatically update all associated drawings, parts, and assemblies. The design work is too complex for drawings alone: constantly creating and updating myriad 2D views of each entity would be overwhelming.

In addition to designing lush interiors, Amtrak rolling stock engineers use SolidWorks software to reverse-engineer and remanufacture components according to specifications inherited from numerous rail car manufacturers.

Amtrak conducts stress and structural analysis on wheels, axles, suspension, and parts throughout the rail cars using SolidWorks Simulation software. This helps designers and engineers ensure safety, durability, longevity, and minimal scrap, material usage, weight, and consulting costs.

Amtrak rolling stock engineering division provides secure access to nearly a million documents via SolidWorks Enterprise PDM software to improve quality, accuracy, and efficiency. The secure vault includes drawings, 3D models, technical specifications, and standard procedures in a variety of file formats, including Microsoft® Word. The software tracks versions, coordinates changes, provides powerful search, and simplifies reuse of approved designs. Approved designs are automatically shared with Amtrak’s Documentum enterprise document management system.

Amtrak relies on authorized SolidWorks reseller Prism Engineering Inc. for ongoing software training, implementation, and support.

MecSoft’s VisualMILL for SolidWorks helps in manufacturing of custom racing flange

Bad Kreuznach - For over 40 years, MetalMoro in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, has been producing competitive automotive racing cars and parts. As a manufacturer of high-performance race cars, go-karts and aftermarket parts, they are a well known brand in key categories of motor racing: Campeonato Gaúcho, Brasileiro de Endurance, Troféu Linea & Championship and Brazilian Kart. In the last decade, MetalMoro’s Sport Protótipo MCR model race car has amassed an impressive list of victories in major championships, even winning the prestigious 12 Hours of Tarumã an impressive seven times.

Their newest model, the Sport Protótipo MRX model is positioned to continue the successful heritage that has made MetalMoro so successful. The MRX is offered in both turbo and aspirated versions, is characterized by high performance, offers excellent aerodynamics and easy body adjustments.

One of the bigger challenges in the development of the MRX was deciding which engine and transmission combination to use to accomplish the cars high performance goals. They decided on a Ford Cosworth, 4 cylinder, 2.0 liter engine with 410 horsepower, along with a Hewland FTR 6 speed sequential transmission. The engineers at MetalMoro were confident this combination offered the best power to weight ratio. As typically happens however when being a market innovator, MetalMoro’s engineering team quickly came up against a manufacturing challenge.

“The flange, which is the main housing that connects the engine to the transmission, needed to be longer than normal,” stated Claudio Ferretti Jr., Supervisor of Engineering at MetalMoro. “This required us to come up with a new design in SolidWorks (mechanical CAD software).”
Once the part was designed, the real challenge was finding a way to accurately and efficiently manufacture the flange on a CNC. “The flange is an extremely complex part and requires many set-ups,” said Ferretti. “Programming the part manually was nearly impossible and required way too much time. In addition to the high manufacturing costs, we had some concerns about accuracy.”

To help clear this manufacturing hurdle, MetalMoro contacted MAX3D in São Leopold, their CAD software vendor and a specialist in CAM (computer aided-manufacturing) software. “After evaluating their unique CAM needs with our sales team: ease of use, fast programming time and efficient tool paths, I quickly recommended VisualMILL,” stated Márcio Ribeiro, CAM Technical Specialist at MAX3D. “MetalMoro’s engineering team had standardized on SolidWorks for their product design so I also suggested they use the VisualMILL add-in for SolidWorks.” This solution allowed MetalMoro to create an NC program (to drive the CNC) directly inside SolidWorks, which was a very familiar design environment. And, because VisualMILL directly references the SolidWorks CAD model, it helped ensure the NC program was very accurate.

Within 24 hours of receiving approval from MetalMoro to start the proof of concept process, MAX3D was at MetalMoro’s location testing their flange part on their CNC with VisualMILL. “The proof of concept created some interesting challenges and required several steps: adjusting the post-processor, graphical simulation and machining the test piece to name a few,” said Ribeiro. “This was the first time the part had been produced on a CNC so we were all curious and excited to see the results.”

The final results: In less than 63 hours from the time MetalMoro first contacted MAX3D, they had an accurate finished part produced on their CNC. The entire process, from programming to output, was completed in a very short period of time and to the complete satisfaction of MetalMoro. “With VisualMILL and MAX3D’s help, we realized our goal of accurately and quickly producing our new flange,” said Ferretti.

Majenta PLM wins three major awards from Siemens Industry Software

Company becomes Siemens’ 2010 European and UK Business Partner of the Year and first Platinum Partner in the UK.

Cranfield, Bedfordshire - Majenta PLM, a product lifecycle management (PLM) software solutions provider and a leading Siemens Industry Software business partner, has won three major awards in the annual Siemens Industry Software sales awards. As well as returning to the Number 1 position in Siemens’ UK reseller community as UK Business Partner of the Year 2010, the company has been awarded the title European Business Partner of the Year 2010 and has also become the first Siemens Industry Software Platinum Partner in the UK.

Majenta PLM’s European Business Partner of the Year 2010 award relates to two of the four Siemens Industry Software geographic territories – Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) and Germany. (The other two territories are Asia Pacific and the Americas). Both the European and UK awards went to Majenta PLM for generating the highest revenue for Siemens Industry Software from software licences during fiscal year 2010. This in turn led to the company being made the UK’s first Siemens Industry Software Platinum Partner – a position achieved only by a business partner that generates over $1 million in net software revenue for Siemens Industry Software in any given year.

“This is a major achievement for Trevor Stapleton and his team at Majenta PLM, to whom we offer our sincere congratulations”, said James Mansfield, UK channel manager, Siemens Industry Software. “There are two main reasons for their success”, he added. “First, the company has continued to invest in the right people even when the general economic climate has been difficult. And most importantly, it has been strongly focused on the business value that Siemens PLM software technology can bring to each individual customer in terms of cost savings, time-to-market and what the customer actually wants to achieve.”

Mansfield also pointed out that, in addition to Majenta PLM’s understanding of manufacturing industry and the software and services expertise that it has to offer its customers, it is also able to provide a one-stop-shop to customers through other offerings within the Majenta Solutions group. These include storage and networking solutions and data translation and exchange services, among other engineering and enterprise IT requirements.

ESPRIT World Conference 2011 to take place from May 23-27 in Miami, Fla

DP Technology, creator of ESPRIT®, has announced that its annual ESPRIT World Conference (EWC) is scheduled to place take in Miami, Fla., in 2011.

ESPRIT World Conference 2011, May 23 to 27, is a valuable opportunity to gain technical skill and increase productivity while sharing ideas and strengthening connections with the worldwide ESPRIT community.

With 30 hours of hands-on technical training, dynamic speakers who really know the machining industry and the opportunity to network with peers, industry experts and ESPRIT engineers, the conference is a convenient forum for learning how to program more productively.

In addition to offering comprehensive technical training, the goal of the event’s organizers is to ensure that attendees leave Miami feeling inspired, energized and better equipped to handle machining challenges on and off the shop floor.

With conference packages tailored to meet individual needs, participants are guaranteed to learn the skills they most need at the pace that suits them best.

The ESPRIT World Conference is attended annually by members of the ESPRIT community, including customers and business partners, and attracts participants from around the world. In addition to offering guests a glimpse at the future of ESPRIT, the conference places attendees in the important role of providing vital guidance and feedback used to shape future product development.

The ESPRIT World Conference will take place this year at the Trump International Beach Resort.

The latest version of ESPRIT is the result of a balanced effort focusing on both the shorter term needs of existing customers and the longer term direction of the metal-working community.

Complete conference information, including registration, hotel reservations, agenda and course details, are available online at regonline.com/ewc2011.

Bricsnet Announces $10 Million in New Funding

Additional Investment will Fuel Enhancement of Leading Solutions for Real Estate, Facility and Project Management.

San Francisco - Bricsnet, a leading provider of technology solutions for Integrated Workplace Management -- including real estate, facility and project management -- announced today the completion of a $10 million capital increase.

The investment round, completed in mid-December and led by Chairman and CEO Hector Rodriguez, was subscribed to by the company's long-lasting investors, including controlling shareholder Torimbia as well as other existing shareholders. The company plans to use the funds to enhance product development and services, and to extend its leadership in the growing market for corporate and public sector real estate management systems.

"Bricsnet has continued to demonstrate its investment value through market growth and technological leadership," said Rodriguez. "By fully capitalizing on our previous investments, Bricsnet has achieved consistent traction and secured strategic customer relationships and partnerships with Fortune 500 companies. Our most recent investment is an unequivocal reflection of our confidence in the company's vision and in its ability to serve its clients," added Rodriguez.

Bricsnet's global client list includes more than 200 leading corporations, retailers, public sector organizations, educational institutions, architecture, engineering and construction firms.

Bricsnet's business was founded in 1986 and helps large corporations improve profits by more effectively managing all aspects of the workplace (including buildings, land, space, people, assets and systems). Bricsnet Enterprise and Bricsnet Retail are leading real estate management systems that -- along with Bricsnet Strategic Advisory Services -- provide fast, pragmatic and innovative solutions to increase shareholder value. Bricsnet ProjectCenter is an easy to use, online system for project management and collaboration.

Jan 11, 2011

Altair Engineering Acquires ACUSIM Software

Acquisition solidly positions Altair as a major player in the CFD market and at the forefront of multi-physics simulation.

TROY, Mich – Altair Engineering, Inc has announced that it has acquired ACUSIM Software, Inc. (ACUSIM). Founded in 1994 and headquartered in Mountain View, Calif., ACUSIM is a leading developer of massively scalable, high-fidelity computational fluid dynamics (CFD) solver solutions. ACUSIM’s CFD technology and staff will be incorporated into Altair’s HyperWorks computer-aided engineering (CAE) software portfolio and operations.

ACUSIM’s AcuSolve™, a general purpose CFD solver, is a premier brand with customers worldwide, including many Fortune 500 companies, such as Bechtel, Chevron, John Deere, Procter & Gamble, Toyota, Vestas, Visteon and Whirlpool. Unlike other commercial CFD applications, AcuSolve is finite-element based, allowing it to be tightly integrated with other FEA-based technologies to solve complex fluid-structure interaction and multi-physics problems – both of which are rapidly emerging trends in the global simulation market.

“The acquisition by Altair is a perfect complement to our CFD product offerings and vision,” said Dr. Farzin Shakib, founder and chief executive officer of ACUSIM Software. “Altair’s strength as a leader in pre- and post-processing, CAE solvers and optimization technologies opens new opportunities to apply AcuSolve to a broader class of problems and markets. For our valued customers, this acquisition also significantly deepens our development and support resources globally and allows our esteemed CFD technologists to be focused solely on advancing ACUSIM CFD technology.”

Altair will significantly ramp up technical and customer support for ACUSIM products throughout its global operations. In addition, Altair and ACUSIM have a number of mutual customers who will benefit from a higher level of technology integration and crossover software applications.

ACUSIM technologies will be made available through Altair’s HyperWorks simulation platform and patented units-based licensing system. As a result, customers will be able to immediately access all software titles offered by Altair, further increasing the value of their investment in HyperWorks and ACUSIM.

“With the addition of ACUSIM’s CFD technologies and their integration into the HyperWorks product lineup, Altair has the most complete high-end solution offering in the mechanical CAE market,” said James R. Scapa, chairman and CEO of Altair Engineering. “We extensively benchmarked many CFD technologies and found AcuSolve to be a best-in-class CFD solution, especially for transient flow and fluid-structure interaction. We are very enthusiastic about this acquisition and the CFD expertise and technology it brings to automate the CFD user experience and broaden the solution scope available to our mutual customers.”

Product development roadmaps are already underway to tightly integrate AcuSolve with Altair’s RADIOSS solver and optimization tools, OptiStruct and HyperStudy, to increase Altair’s leadership in CFD and multi-physics optimization.

ACUSIM will continue to operate from its California facility, while working closely with the HyperWorks development organization at Altair’s headquarters in Troy, Mich., on integration roadmaps.

ACUSIM’s technologies will be showcased at Altair’s 2011 Americas HyperWorks Technology Conference taking place at the Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress Resort in Orlando, Fla., on June 22-23. To register to attend this free event, visit http://www.altairhtc.com.

EasyBlank Inventor – Analysis of Stamped Parts Embedded within Autodesk Inventor Software

AutoForm Engineering, a supplier of software solutions for the sheet metal forming industry, has announced the worldwide market introduction of EasyBlank Inventor. This add-on module for Autodesk Inventor software is specially designed for sheet metal part designers, tool and die designers, and tool cost calculators.

The latest AutoForm software product, EasyBlank Inventor, is embedded within the Autodesk Inventor mechanical design and engineering software environment. Autodesk Inventor software takes engineers beyond 3D to Digital Prototyping by enabling them to design, visualize, and simulate products before they are ever built.

Using the well known AutoForm simulation technology, it rapidly calculates the developed blank outline from CAD part geometry. EasyBlank Inventor is also specialized for determining the optimal nesting layout while taking into account several important parameters such as coil width, pitch or required bridge span. Several types of nesting layouts are available to users. The material data base, which includes additional important parameters for the most commonly used materials in stamping, is already incorporated in EasyBlank Inventor. In addition to these innovative features, EasyBlank Inventor also enables users to assess product feasibility for the first time. Since cost reduction is ultimately required at every stage of product development, early feasibility assessment eliminates costly, late changes to part design and thereby enables the early optimization of material cost.

The analysis results are summarized in an HTML-based report which contains detailed information on blank outline, optimal nesting layout, material consumption and cost, thinning distribution of the part, feasibility plot and the associated FLD diagram. EasyBlank Inventor enables the easy and rapid creation of such reports, which facilitate internal communication and are useful for quotation purposes. The benefits for users are early cost and manufacturability analyses, optimal material usage and minimization of scrap and costs.

Chris Douglass, Senior Business Unit Manager, Autodesk Manufacturing Industry Group, stated: “EasyBlank Inventor is available to customers through our reseller network. The benefits of AutoForm simulation technology incorporated within EasyBlank Inventor are certainly attractive to our customers and we are glad that we can expand our technology in tool and die shops as well as in the stamping fields.”

“Due to its ease-of-use, EasyBlank Inventor fits perfectly into the Autodesk portfolio. The analysis of stamped parts is now embedded within the Autodesk Inventor environment, making it easily available to the broader audience”, added Dr. Markus Thomma, Corporate Marketing Director at AutoForm.

Jasper Opens Israel R&D Center

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif – Jasper Design Automation, provider of advanced formal technology solutions, today announced the opening of its fourth international R&D Center in Haifa, Israel. Jasper also has R&D Centers in Belo Horizonte, Brazil; Goteborg, Sweden; and at its headquarters in Mountain View, Calif.

Jasper Israel is located in the Matam Scientific Industries Center, one of the country’s largest high-tech parks and home to numerous multinational companies including Intel, Google, Microsoft, Philips, Zoran, and others. Focused on advanced product development and research, the Israel-based team will play a significant role in the technology and business advancement of the company’s industry-leading formal technologies.

“Israel has the ideal mix of high-technology business, innovation and educational infrastructure, making it perfect for our needs,” Ziyad Hanna, Jasper Vice President of Research, Chief Architect, and General Manager of Jasper Israel said. “Jasper continues to invest heavily in R&D worldwide, and being in Israel places us close to leading-edge designers and additional great talent in software and hardware to continue our growth and innovation.”

Jasper R&D drives new product development across the spectrum of applications for the company’s advanced formal verification technology. More than one-half of the company’s headcount are active in R&D, and the majority of them hold PhDs.

Branson Ultrasonics Leverages EnSuite to Optimize Quoting Process and Cross functional Team Collaboration

Farmington Hills, Michigan – Branson Ultrasonics is an industry leader in plastics joining, precision cleaning, ultrasonic processing and ultrasonic metal welding equipment. The automotive division specializes in welding tail lamps, instrument panels, bumpers, manifolds, fuel filters, and numerous valves and sensors; cleaning ABS components, fuel injectors, electronic ignitions, and various precision parts.

Branson receives multiple application inquires a month from customers for their welding applications. A critical first step that determines the success of the project is the correct selection of the welding machine. Branson welding machines are available in varying sizes and application capacity.

Selecting the right machine is not a simple task as it involves having a clear understanding of the part geometry that is to be welded. Usually, customers send Branson data files produced directly from the CAD systems in which they were designed. As, there are numerous CAD systems commonly used in the industry, Branson required a tool that would seamlessly read any CAD format without a license of the CAD system that authored it. Besides the tool would also need to have features to interrogate the part geometry and extract the required information. After, a thorough investigation and benchmarking Branson decided to invest in CCE’s EnSuite software.

Ken Hunter, Branson’s director of non-ultrasonic tooling for North America likes the ability to efficiently quote jobs using EnSuite. “I use the data set retrieved by EnSuite to look at part sizes and angles, which allow me to determine what size machine I will need to use for a job.” said Ken. “We use many other features such as bounding box, cross sectioning and measure. Using EnSuite, I can assemble multiple parts of an assembly from different CAD formats without using a separate CAD license for each format.” added Ken.

Another EnSuite feature Branson finds very useful is its extremely user-friendly interface. This has allowed non-CAD savvy users access to valuable engineering information, thus fostering cross-functional collaboration between sales, estimating and engineering teams.

EnSuite is a CAD independent software package that provides an easy-to-use toolbox for designers and non-designers to view, translate, interrogate and re-purpose multi-CAD data for their functional applications. EnSuite supports all major 3D CAD formats including CATIA V4, CATIA V5, NX, Pro/E, SolidWorks, Parasolid, JT, CGR, STL, Solid Edge, 3D PDF, IGES and STEP.

PRION India headcount reaches 100 in 5 years

Prion India had two reasons to celebrate during 2010. Prion India on the one hand turned 5 years and on the other hand grew to 100 colleagues.

Prion India was established in 2005 and opened its first office in Bangalore and since then there was no looking back.

Prion India today has clients all over India and achieved the appraisal as CMMI Level 3 certified company and also successfully certified for ISO 9001:2008. Prion India has a long list of esteemed customers like Siemens India, Mercedes Benz Research & Development India, Robert Bosch India, General Electric and the list continues to grow.

Catalog Data Solutions Catalog and CAD Download Solution Selected by StainlessDrains.com

San Jose, CA - Catalog Data Solutions (CDS), a provider of online solutions for industrial suppliers, today announced that StainlessDrains.com has selected its online catalog and CAD download solution. StainlessDrains.com of Greenville, Texas manufactures superior, environmentally friendly, stainless steel drainage system products including Sanitary Area Drains, Floor Drains, Trench Drains, Floor Sinks, Trap Drains, Cleanouts, P-traps and Accessories.

“We realized that the internet has changed the buying process – our customers now often research and select products online even before talking to any supplier. Therefore our website has to be found and then make it real easy to find the right product. Once the product is found the downloadable CAD models save customers time and get our product designed in,” said Shelia Heller, Owner and VP Sales and Marketing, StainlessDrains.com.

“With our website developer, TopSpot Internet Marketing, we evaluated several vendors and ultimately chose the CDS Catalog and CDS ModelServer SaaS solution to be integrated with our new website.” “In our evaluation we looked at catalog and CAD solutions specifically for industrial suppliers like StainlessDrains.com - CDS stood out technically and were easy and highly responsive to work with,” said Tim Doyle, VP Sales and Marketing, TopSpot Internet Marketing.

“We have formally partnered with CDS, and in projects that require this type of functionality we are very enthusiastic about recommending their SaaS Catalog, CAD and Configurator solutions.” “We’re delighted to have been selected by StainlessDrains.com and TopSpot,” said John Major, CEO Catalog Data Solutions.

“As they recognize the industrial buying process has changed, designers now research and select products online, so suppliers’ online content has to influence that research, be easily searchable and downloadable. Of the many types of online marketing content (e.g. white papers, case studies, brochures, videos, demos, recorded webinars, reviews, CAD model downloads, etc.) only one is known to lead to a sale nearly 50% of the time! CAD downloads may be the most efficient online marketing tool available.”

Catalog Data Solutions helps industrial suppliers and distributors grow sales and strengthen customer loyalty through interactive online catalogs, ecommerce, 3D CAD model delivery and product configurator solutions.

StainlessDrains.com manufactures superior, environmentally friendly, stainless steel drainage system products that help prevent bacteria build-up and reduce pathogen contamination issues. They offer a comprehensive selection of industry standard stainless steel drain products, but they specialize in designing and fabricating custom drains for projects with tight delivery windows. Their products are widely used in many industries including Food and Beverage Processing, Pharmaceutical Production, Food Service Facilities, Meat/Poultry/ Dairy Processing Plants, Institutions, Amusement Parks, and Landscaping.

IMAGINiT Technologies Announces Winners of 'Render Us Speechless' Contest

Cash Prizes Awarded to Winners in Manufacturing, Civil, and Architecture.

FRAMINGHAM, MA — Rand Worldwide has announced the winners of the IMAGINiT Technologies division "Render Us Speechless" contest.

First place, second place and third place prizes were awarded in each of the three categories: Architecture/Building, Civil/Mapping/GIS, and Manufacturing/Mechanical.

The first place winners in each of the three categories are:
- Architecture/Building: Elitsa Chobanova (student work)
- Civil/Mapping/GIS: Claudio Branch (Freese and Nichols)
- Manufacturing/Mechanical: Michael Bryant (SWBR Architects)

Winning renderings in each category may be viewed online at www.imaginit.rand.com/renderingcontest.

“Great software allows the capabilities of both new and seasoned designers to create stunning renderings which are worthy of art,” says Bob Heeg, Executive Vice President, IMAGINiT Worldwide Operations. “And in business, the ability to effectively visualize projects when still in the planning phase enables firms to win more business faster.”

A team of judges from IMAGINiT Technologies selected the winners from entries submitted by designers who use Autodesk 2D and 3D design, engineering and entertainment software. Submissions came from 13 countries including Australia, Bangladesh, Bulgaria, Belarus, Canada, China, Egypt, United Kingdom, Japan, Netherlands, Singapore, Uruguay and the United States. $6,750 in prizes was awarded based on the realism of the image, the general composition of the rendering, and overall communication of design intent.

CIMdata Announces the Appointment of Richard McFall as Director of Global Business Development

ANN ARBOR, Michigan — CIMdata, a global leader in PLM market research, education and strategic management consulting, announced today the promotion of Richard (Rich) W. McFall to the newly created position of Director, Global Business Development.

Commenting on Mr. McFall’s promotion, Mr. Peter Bilello, CIMdata’s President said, “This promotion recognizes Rich’s contribution to CIMdata and CIMdata’s expanding global requirements—both our clients’ as well as our own. CIMdata has been an international company for more than twenty years, with associates in Europe and Asia, and a wholly owned subsidiary in Europe. This newly created position emphasizes the importance of our global presence and our need to efficiently leverage our expertise on a global scale. Mr. McFall will support our global team, with a focus on the Americas, emerging markets, and sales channel consulting services.”

Mr. McFall, who joined CIMdata in early 2010 as a Senior PLM Business Consultant, serves his new role and clients with more than twenty-five years of hands-on experience across numerous PLM technology domains (PDM, CAE, CAD, ECM, HPC, etc.) as an engineer user, support analyst, application consultant, account representative, sales manager, channel partner manager, business owner, and international business development manager.

Rich will continue to offer CIMdata’s industrial clients, solution suppliers and their channel partners a robust multi-disciplinary skill set to help identify, evaluate, and exploit new PLM strategies and application markets. In addition to his new role, Rich will also be leading CIMdata’s new PLM Sales Channel Consulting Practice.

Prior to joining CIMdata, Rich worked as business development manager for both emerging PLM start-ups and industry mindshare leaders, evangelizing new PLM technologies, software solutions, and innovative support services from their early adoption through market dominance. His career in IT and PLM started with using and marketing the first generation of CAE, CAD, and PDM solutions over remote timesharing networks, which he admits “were thought by my customers to be in the cloud,” from the industry pioneer Control Data Corporation. He has BS and MS engineering degrees from the University of Missouri and Southern Methodist University.

ZPrinting Technology Powers Solid-Ideas Prototyping Service Bureau

BURLINGTON, Mass., USA – Solid-Ideas, a San Francisco area prototyping service bureau, is using Z Corporation 3D printing technology to power a thriving business serving clients in product development, architecture, healthcare and more.

“ZPrinting is far and away the most popular form of model fabrication we offer,” said Solid-Ideas co-founder and partner Oscar Sarlandt. “It’s fast, economical and multicolor-capable with high-quality finish and resolution.”

ZPrinter capabilities like these have helped Solid-Ideas distinguish itself with superior service. A harried product developer, for example, recently needed a set of product models both created and shipped across the country in less than 24 hours. “We did it with a couple hours to spare,” said Sarlandt. “The ZPrinter is fast, the throughput is high, and we do whatever it takes to help a client succeed on time and on budget.”

Few clients push deadlines like students who need models for end-of-year engineering or architecture projects. Students send CAD files and Solid-Ideas – leveraging the ZPrinter’s 5x-to-10x speed advantage – delivers students’ models in plenty of time to present final projects. The firm serves students across the US at institutions such as Yale, Penn State, and California College of the Arts. Word of mouth about Solid-Ideas’ fast turnaround and service is spreading, and department heads have begun reserving time with Solid-Ideas for final projects.

Solid-Ideas’ work never gets dull. The firm recently ZPrinted models of:

* an 18-inch mini-submarine being developed by NASA;
* a hospital complex. The model was used for wind tunnel testing to analyze wind velocities in alleyways; and
* boulders for a shopping mall water feature. The client took the model with him to the quarry as he selected rocks for the project.

In serving customers, Sarlandt combines ZPrinting with expertise he gained as a practicing engineer at some of the world’s most prominent companies, including Caterpillar, 3M and Ingersoll Rand. “Because we’ve been there and done that in a wide range of settings, we have insight into where customers are in the development process, what kind of models they need today, what kind they might need in the future and, if they want our advice, how they might improve a product. Either way, we couldn’t do it without Z Corporation technology.”

Midland Displays Announces Free 3D CAD Rendering for Trade Show Displays

Midland Displays, provider of trade show displays and exhibits, is offering free 3D CAD renderings as companies prepare their trade show display booth for the 2011 trade show season.

This comes at a time when many companies are looking to upgrade or change their current trade show display booth to adhere to their new 2011 marketing plans.

In order to take advantage of free custom trade show displays, marketing professionals or their counterparts can send a file or sketch of what they envision for their display booth. 3D drawings can be faxed to 413.647.9248 or there is a 3D trade show display booth form to complete online.

“This free offer is a great way to stand out among competitors,” states Robert Albright with Midland Display. “Businesses are no longer limited to the cookie cutter trade show displays of the past.”

A free custom trade show display booth can be somewhat overwhelming to design. Midland Display encourages marketing professionals to browse their site for current designs as a starting point. Truss displays offer a unique look, playing on angles and geometric shapes. Another inspiration might be the Xpression displays which utilize panels of images.

“Companies might consider combining several elements of existing display to create their own. That’s actually an easy and smart solution because either way—the odds of two people creating the same exact design are very low,” clarifies Albright.

Once a sketch of the trade show booth display has been submitted, Midland Display with create a draft and provide custom pricing for construction. As with all their trade show displays, custom designed displays will be lightweight and easy to assemble.

D-Cubed: Latest release of the 2D DCM, Version 58.0

Siemens PLM Software has announced the latest release of the D-Cubed 2D Dimensional Constraint Manager (2D DCM), a software component that controls 2D parametric sketches in 2D and 3D design environments.

Some of the new features specific to version 58.0 are:

Functional enhancement: Instance support

Version 58 introduces support for instances. Instances are copies of groups of geometries, such as profiles, where each instance is constrained to have the same shape, and where there can be any separation and orientation between each instance.

In common with most 2D DCM operations, there is no order dependence to the solving, so dimensions and constraints can be distributed among any and all of the instances, and dimension-driven modifications to any instance will result in all associated instances updating.

The new functionality complements the pattern constraint that has been supported by the 2D DCM for some time, which enables geometry to be constrained in regularly repeating linear or radial arrays.

Robustness enhancement: Overconstrained but consistent configurations

A key strength of the 2D DCM is its support for sketches that are overconstrained but consistent. It is natural for designers to add such redundant constraints inadvertently, and providing these are consistent with existing constraints, the 2D DCM will permit them to be added without the solution being affected.

It is important to identify and exclude redundant constraints when computing a sketch’s degrees of freedom otherwise the sketch may be incorrectly reported by the 2D DCM as unsolvable or over-constrained. Version 58 improves the algorithm used to identify redundant constraints, resulting in users being given more accurate sketch diagnostics.
Functional enhancement: Improved support for multi-threading

Since version 54, it has been possible to run multiple instances of the 2D DCM concurrently in different threads, although not every function could be associated with a particular instance. Version 58 improves support for multiple processing by removing this restriction and supporting the full range of 2D DCM functions across multiple instances.
Performance enhancement: Use of link time code generation

Link time code generation, also known as whole program optimization, is now the standard process used when compiling and linking DLLs for the latest Windows 64-bit platform, resulting in various performance improvements when using this version of the 2D DCM.

First released in 1990, the 2D DCM is used in most major CAD applications and is widely acknowledged as the leading 2D geometric constraint solving technology. It provides a variational (non-sequential) approach to solving a broad range of dimension and constraint schemes optimised for use in 2D environments. In addition to driving the sketcher in most mechanical CAD products, it is used in the integral design environments of many other applications, such as CAM and CAE systems.

PLM Components are software tools that support innovation and promote interoperability in CAD, CAM, CAE and PLM applications. Siemens PLM Software develops these components, uses them throughout its own applications and licenses them to independent software vendors and end-user organizations. PLM Components include the Parasolid and D-Cubed products, widely used technologies that provide 3D part and assembly modeling, editing and interoperability, 2D/3D parametric sketching, motion simulation, collision detection, clearance measurement and visualization functionality. Applications include mechanical CAD, CAM, CAE, mold design, sheet metal, AEC, GIS, structural, plant and ship design, CMM, reverse engineering and sales configuration.

Delcam supports GKN Aerospace ice protection project for Boeing Dreamliner

Delcam has played a major part in a GKN Aerospace project to supply new electro-thermal ice protection technology for the wings of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft. The project represents the first application of this technology to a major wing environment.

The Delcam contribution involved both Delcam Professional Services, which developed a novel manufacturing process for the leading edge of the wing, and the company’s Advanced Manufacturing Facility, which manufactured demonstration parts and the initial production samples. The process is based on Delcam’s adaptive machining technology that uses a combination of the company’s machining and inspection software to manufacture complex components to high levels of accuracy on a consistent basis.

The complete Wing Ice Protection System for the Boeing Dreamliner is a joint project between GKN Aerospace and Ultra Electronics, which provides the System controller. The System will provide electro-thermal ice protection to the leading edge slats of the aircraft wing. Electro-thermal systems remove the need to bleed hot air from the engine, which has been the traditional approach to wing ice protection.

An electro-thermal system is more fuel efficient and avoids the problems associated with channelling hot-gas tubing through complex wing and fuselage structures.

As a result, the performance efficiency of the aircraft engine is increased, whilst maintenance requirements are reduced.

The new product is the result of the combination of GKN Aerospace’s unmatched expertise in advanced composite structures and the company’s experience with electro-thermal heating. Similar GKN products have already been proven on the Boeing V-22 engine inlet and on the AW101 main rotor blade.

Following the successful completion of the initial production samples at Delcam, the process was transferred to GKN’s Luton site for the move into full-scale manufacture.

Furthermore, the staff at GKN were so impressed with the results from the Delcam software that they subsequently purchased both the PowerMILL CAM system and the On-Machine Verification version of the PowerINSPECT inspection software.

Jan 10, 2011

Geometric releases eDrawings Professional for Pro/ENGINEER version 8.0

Includes support for Creo Elements/Pro 5.0 and eDrawings 2011.

Mumbai: Geometric Limited today announced the release of eDrawings Professional for Pro/ENGINEER® version 8.0 with support for Creo Elements/Pro 5.0 and eDrawings 2011.

eDrawings is the first email enabled collaboration tool designed to ease the sharing and interpretation of 2D and 3D product design data.

The new version of eDrawings Professional for Pro/ENGINEER includes:
-Enhancement of the Stamp feature with additional support for PNG and TIFF file format
-Upgrade of eDrawings viewer version to eDrawings 2011
-Triad to Move/Constrain component movement to a coordinate axis or plane, or to rotate components about a coordinate axis
-Search or Filter component names from the components tree

eDrawings Publishers are also available for CATIA V5®, NX®, Autodesk Inventor®, SolidEdge®, Google SketchUp®, as well as for STEP/IGES/STL/OBJ/RHINO and DWG/DXF files.

With eDrawings Publishers designers can:
-Generate ultra compact eDrawings (up to 95% compressed) for sharing over email
-Share and receive feedback on product designs with review-enabled eDrawings and collaborate with unlimited number of recipients
-Manage, track, and merge comments from different team members
-Measure part, assembly and drawing geometry
-Use Dynamic Cross Sectioning and Hide/Show/Move components for understanding assembly structure

For a free 15-day trial visit http://edrawings.geometricglobal.com.
For pricing and purchase options contact ed.sales@geometricglobal.com.

PTC Launches Mathcad® Prime™ 1.0

New Task-based, Document-centric Calculations Environment Improves Personal and Engineering Process Productivity.

NEEDHAM, Mass - PTC, the Product Development Company®, today announced Mathcad® Prime™ 1.0, the next generation of the company’s best-in-class engineering calculation software. The powerful capabilities of Mathcad coupled with its open architecture and easy-to-use live mathematical notation functionality allow engineers and organizations to streamline critical design processes. Mathcad Prime 1.0 delivers a new tasked-based user interface - enabling engineers to focus on developing engineering calculations rather than formatting design documents.

“The tutorials [in Mathcad Prime 1.0] are simply brilliant … They are easy to follow and quickly provide relevant information about the software. The new matrix selection and setup is vastly superior to the previous Mathcad releases. [Mathcad Prime 1.0 is] easy, user-friendly and intuitive.”
Martin Van Wyck, Project Manager, metallurgical processing, Bureau Veritas

Mathcad presents calculations, text and images in an understandable format, enabling knowledge capture, reuse and design verification, which results in improved product quality with faster time-to-market. As part of PTC’s product development system (PDS), Mathcad’s integration with other PTC products including Creo™ Elements/Pro™ (formerly Pro/ENGINEER) and Windchill® enables increased productivity, improved process efficiency and better collaboration between individuals and groups.

Highlights of Mathcad Prime 1.0 include:

* New task-based interface - promotes productivity while also enabling users to learn unfamiliar functions or features quickly and easily.
* Document-centric calculation environment - enables users to created detailed, professional engineering design documents that include complex calculations quickly and easily, using live standard math notation with text, images and graphs. Additionally, documents are easy to read and understand by non-Mathcad users, thus supporting effective communication of designs and engineering knowledge across the enterprise.
* Advanced math exploration – Powerful capabilities along with an environment to display, manipulate, analyze and plot data with full units support.
* Dynamic units support – full support for units throughout all calculations created in Mathcad Prime 1.0 improves process efficiency by helping to reduce errors and increase accuracy of results.
* Intuitive equation editor – WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) equation editor enables users to express problem constraints and solutions in natural math notation allowing users to focus on the calculations and spend less time manipulating the document.

“PTC continues to invest in Mathcad technology to ensure that our customers have the best engineering calculations tool available,” said Jake Simpson, senior general manager, Mathcad Business Unit, PTC. “Mathcad Prime 1.0 enables users to focus on solving complex engineering problems with less time spent on formatting design documents. That content is captured in a format that is presentable so it is much easier to solve the problem and interpret the engineering intent. The result is good design decisions supported by well structured and legible documentation. When coupled with best practices such as data management, Mathcad becomes a compelling standard for engineering teams to capture and manage critical design history as intellectual property.”

Mathcad Prime Upgrades and Product Availability

Mathcad Prime 1.0 is available now in all supported languages.

*The timing of any product release, including any features or functionality, is subject to change at PTC’s discretion.

CPFD Software releases Barracuda 14.4

CPFD Software LLC, the creators of the Barracuda® simulation package for particle-fluid systems, has announced the release of Barracuda version 14.4. Some of Barracuda 14.4’s enhancements include radiation heat transfer between thermal walls and particles, custom units for output variables, and an easier-to-use grid setup in the GUI. This version has also been provided to CPFD Software’s international distributors.

Barracuda is used by major oil & gas, chemical, petrochemical, and power equipment manufacturers for simulating, understanding, and optimizing the operation of fluidized systems. Common applications are FCC (fluidized catalytic cracking) reactors and regenerators, fluidized bed reactors (FBRs) for chemical manufacturing, CFB (circulating fluidized bed) boilers in coal-fired power plants, and both coal and biomass gasifiers and chemical looping combustion (CLC) units.

The company earlier signed an International Distribution Agreement with CAEZEN Technologies of Bangalore for the distribution and support of Barracuda in India.

India is a very promising market for Barracuda, which has applications in several key industries there, particularly in refining and petrochemicals. India is a major refined product producer and exporter, with refiners like Reliance Petroleum, Indian Oil Company, and Bharat Petroleum among the largest employers in India. Barracuda is a proven solution for design, optimization, and troubleshooting of FCC units, including reactors, regenerators, cyclones, and other components.

India also has domestic chemicals manufacturing companies with technology demands for FBRs, an application where Barracuda has demonstrated significant advantages over traditional CFD tools. Barracuda is already used by global chemical companies for the simulation and design of titanium chlorinators, acrylonitrile reactors, and FBRs used in the production of semiconductor-grade and solar-grade polysilicon.

India is also one of the world’s fastest growing markets for power generation, including thermal power, with a strong thrust on clean coal and both, coal and biomass gasification. Barracuda has demonstrated strengths in predicting the complex hydrodynamics and chemistry in these units and enables engineers to make informed design decisions.

“We are very happy to be working with CPFD Software to bring Barracuda to India,” said Hari Doss, Director at CAEZEN Technologies in Bangalore. “We are already finding very significant interest and expect to have several licenses in place both commercially and in the academic world before the end of FY 2010.” Scott Thibault , Vice President of Sales & Marketing at CPFD Software, added “We are confident that CAEZEN will prove an effective distribution partner for us in India, providing not only sales, training, and post-sales technical support but also related engineering services to our clients in India.”

Delcam to highlight aerospace success at Aero India

Delcam India will promote its customers’ recent successes in the aerospace industry at the Aero India exhibition to be held in Bangalore from 9th to 13th February. At the exhibition, Delcam will show how it has helped companies to meet the industry’s requirements for the highest levels of quality and consistency, cost-effective production and the shortest-possible delivery times.

Delcam software has been used, at some stage, on virtually every major aircraft programme in recent years. The company’s global customers have undertaken projects in all the various areas that go towards producing a successful aircraft, from developing more fuel-efficient engines, to manufacturing airframe components more effectively, and even in designing more comfortable and more attractive interiors. They have worked on all scales of project, from the manufacture of components for UAVs and helicopters up to the production of engines and airframes for the largest passenger and transport aircraft.

Delcam also supports a large number of MRO operations. These companies use Delcam systems to enable the fast, efficient repair or replacement of damaged components. By minimising design and manufacturing times, while maintaining the highest levels of quality, repairs can be completed as quickly as possible, so minimising the lost operating time of the aircraft.

"The aerospace industry in India is buoyant at the moment, both in the public and in the private sector,” reported Delcam India Managing Director, Vineet Seth. "However, for this growth to continue, our local supply chain needs to introduce more advanced technology, including more powerful and more efficient manufacturing software, in order to build its capacity and capability.”

Delcam has been ranked by CIMdata as the world’s largest specialist supplier of machining software for the past ten years. The company employs the largest development team in the CAM industry to develop a comprehensive range of systems for every type of machine tool, from simple lathes and 2D mills, up to the most sophisticated five-axis machining centres and multi-spindle, turn-mill equipment. However, Delcam also produces a complete portfolio of supporting software, for component design, tooling design, reverse engineering and inspection. All of the programs are available as stand-alone solutions to enhance existing systems or as part of a complete turn-key solution.

Delcam India also offers a range of services to help companies whose own engineering resource is needed to maintain its existing operations. The support given can vary from providing extra design and programming resources when existing staff are overloaded, through to developing completely new turn-key processes for the manufacture of novel designs.

Siemens PLM Software's UniCam FX and Test Expert Simplify and Enhance Setup for PCB Manufacturing and Test Processes

Latest Releases Make PCB Manufacturing and Test Setup Faster, Easier and More Accurate to Improve Product Quality and Reduce Time-to-Market.

PLANO, Texas - Siemens PLM Software has announced the latest release of UniCam FX and Test Expert products from the High Tech and Electronics industry portfolio within Tecnomatix® software, Siemens PLM Software’s industry-leading suite of digital manufacturing solutions.

High Tech and Electronics manufacturers must bring cost-effective products to market faster than ever, while meeting a variety of challenges, including:

* Managing the data associated with the introduction of large numbers of new products in record time
* Manufacturing a growing mix of complex products
* Feeding critical as-built information back to enterprise systems

UniCam FX 9.1 and Test Expert 9.1 address these critical issues by providing the most widely used solutions for managing and controlling the delivery of product data to the shop floor, and preparing and optimizing product data for manufacturing and test processes. These high-performance, easy-to-use solutions are ideal for small batch, hi-mix environments that require rapid development and support of many programs for printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturing equipment.
Faster, easier, off-line programming capabilities

UniCam FX and Test Expert add a wide variety of customer-driven enhancements and exclusive new features to improve the entire PCB manufacturing process. These enhancements range from data preparation to machine programming and optimization – ensuring that new products can be introduced quickly and correctly the first time. Enhancements will enable users to:

* Merge computer-aided design (CAD) and bill of materials (BOM) data with support for more than 65 CAD data formats.
* Process designs by simulating the factory in order to select and validate best manufacturing strategies.
* Configure lines, operations and define workflows for machine programming and optimization, such that they are achieving an optimized and balanced surface-mount technology (SMT), through-hole technology (THT) and manual assembly line setup.

New features have been added to UniCam FX to enhance the creation and display of work instructions and process documentation. While new machine interfaces have been added that offer seamless connectivity and support for SIPLACE® system, Assembléon, MYDATA, Fuji and other equipment. UniCam FX now supports Microsoft SQL Server® software and SAP® Crystal Reports software for easy to use, standardized data management and reporting.

Enhancements to the testability and fixture design rules in Test Expert ensure appropriate test coverage is available, and can provide valuable feedback to design prior to the PCB being manufactured. These features can reduce the development cycle times and modifications to new electronic CAD (ECAD) designs and prototypes. Other ease-of-use features have been added with support for new Windows platforms and improvements to the security administration and licensing.

AVEVA measures cost and time savings for instrumentation design

New Business Value Calculator helps instrumentation engineers quantify potential project savings.

CAMBRIDGE, UK: AVEVA, one of the world's leading providers of engineering design and information management solutions for the plant, power and marine industries, today announced the worldwide launch of the Instrumentation Business Value Calculator (BVC), a brand new interactive tool that calculates the savings that can be achieved by engineering companies by adopting the latest instrumentation technology.

The BVC assists with estimating the time and cost savings a business could achieve by implementing AVEVA Instrumentation, a true lifecycle solution for designing, installing and maintaining instrumentation in both plants and ships.

Based on typical working practices and feedback from the users of AVEVA Instrumentation, the BVC demonstrates the savings that are achievable in a real project. Using parameters such as head count, hourly costs and input/outputs which users can input themselves, they can calculate savings in man hours and money across a number of deliverables.

The BVC highlights the major benefits of AVEVA Instrumentation such as more productivity through catalogues and rule-based automation, and better project quality through right first time design and automatic, accurate materials and production information.

"Users of AVEVA Instrumentation have already seen benefits such as a 30% cost saving in man hours and a 50% rise in productivity", said Dave Gibson, Product Strategy Manager at AVEVA. "We have engaged with our customers to obtain real life working examples in order to assist their assessment of AVEVA Instrumentation with the BVC.

"Either stand-alone or fully integrated, AVEVA Instrumentation is the preferred choice for both the EPC in project design and the Owner Operator in everyday plant operations, not least because of its simple graphical interface and fully automated change management. This makes it far easier to use and far less prone to error than other instrumentation solutions currently available".

SESCOI to showcase the "Digital Factory" paperless manufacturing concept at IMTEX, India

Manufacturing software vendor, Sescoi, will partner in the Indian Machine Tool Manufacturers’ Association’s (IMTMA) “Digital Factory” paperless manufacturing concept. This concept will be showcased at the IMTEX exhibition taking place at the Bangalore International Exhibition Complex (BIEC) from 20 - 26 January 2011 aand will be demonstrated throughout the year at the IMTMA’s Technology Center, also located at the BIEC.

The IMTMA Technology Center provides a number of training courses for CNC machine tool users. The training centre is a modern, state-of-the-art facility equipped with the latest CNC machines, control systems, CAD/CAM software, ERP software system, tooling and tool setting equipment and a host of peripherals of international manufacture. The Center has been set up through close partnership between IMTMA and more than twenty Indian and foreign manufacturers who have placed their latest products at the Technology Centre. A digital classroom equipped with a networked, computer based learning system enables classroom sessions to be delivered using the latest techniques. The entire facility is digitally networked.

Two of Sescoi’s manufacturing software solutions are used at the IMTMA Technology Center and feature in the “Digital Factory” paperless manufacturing concept: WorkNC, the premier automatic CAM software for 2 to 5-axis CNC programming for the mold, die and tool industry and WorkPLAN Enterprise, a latest generation ERP system for custom manufacturers.

At the forthcoming IMTEX 2011 exhibition, visitors will be able to see and understand the latest technologies in a paperless manufacturing environment.

The IMTMA presentation will start with an introduction explaining the concept of the “Digital Factory” and the advantages of investing in the latest manufacturing technologies. Using the WorkPLAN Enterprise ERP system, the entire gamut of activities performed by a project-based manufacturer, from prospect enquiry to invoicing, will be showcased. The manifold advantages of investing in a manufacturing ERP system will be emphasized.

The latest manufacturing technologies will be showcased by the live machining of an assembly starting with toolpath programming using CAM software, machining on a CNC lathe and a CNC machining center, and measurement on a CMM.

Real time data acquisition from a CNC machine will also be demonstrated. This enables manufacturers to automatically and accurately capture the real time spent on resources, directly from the machines, in order to improve efficiency and decision making. Data captured will be automatically transferred into WorkPLAN Enterprise via a Sescoi-created interface.

Another method of capturing real time data will be demonstrated using WorkPLAN Enterprise’s touch screen module. This user friendly module enables operators to input time spent on an activity directly into the ERP system.

The completed physical part, along with the delivery note and sales invoice printed in WorkPLAN Enterprise, will be handed over to the delegates to complete their “Digital Enterprise” experience.

Fishbowl Solutions Releases Workflow Solution Set™ for Oracle® Universal Content Management 11g

Latest Version of Workflow Automation Solution Simplifies Interface to Access and View Workflow Process Information.

Fishbowl Solutions, a consulting services and software development company specializing in solutions for Oracle’s Universal Content Management and WebCenter products, has released the latest version of Workflow Solution Set, a software application that enhances the user experience by providing intuitive methods to customize how workflow information is presented, distributed, updated, and processed within Oracle Universal Content Management (Oracle UCM).

“Workflow Solution Set has a proven history of extending additional workflow capabilities to Oracle UCM while improving the overall user experience,” said Billy Cripe, VP Marketing at Fishbowl Solutions. “Workflow is an important component of a company’s business processes as it provides the necessary levels of automation to increase process efficiency. However, most workflows have human interactions and it is here where interface complexity and incomplete instructions could create user confusion leading to process lag. Workflow Solution Set empowers end users involved in workflow steps to quickly and intelligently act on the tasks assigned to them, while delivering robust reporting and auditing capabilities helping companies proactively drive compliance initiatives.”

Expanding on its current list of features, the latest release not only includes support for Oracle UCM 11g but also the following features:

- Workflow Review Frames: Allows Oracle UCM administrators to customize the default Workflow Review Frames template to better facilitate the workflow process. This is accomplished by adding custom messages or instructions and hiding or showing certain links that appear under the workflow review sections, which include Tasks (Approve, Reject, Check Out), and Renditions (Web-Viewable, Native) – all specific to users involved in each workflow step.

- Character counting for rejection messages: Limits the amount of characters users can enter in the comments field when rejecting workflow items.

- Searching with date fields in Workflow Search: Enables date fields to be included as one of the parameters when searching for workflow items.

Workflow Solution Set is included in some of Fishbowl’s packaged software and services offerings, including Policies and Procedures, Contract Management, and Oracle UCM Admin Suite.

Workflow is a core technology component of enterprise content management (ECM) systems as it helps automate content-centric business processes by aggregating the efforts of multiple individuals or users. A common organizational workflow example is the process of adding content to a website. This process may include content contributors, reviewers, and managers. Although workflow for this process provides control and accountability, it may lack an intuitive interface to view, approve, monitor and access the information provided in each workflow step. So even though users involved in the process may receive proper notification to perform their tasks, they may not be able to complete them due to vague instructions and a confusing user interface. This results in workflow bottlenecks causing business processes to slow down.

Workflow Solution Set was specifically designed to enable Oracle UCM customers to leverage existing Oracle UCM workflow functionality quickly and easily, while providing a simple user experience. The product suite simplifies the basic Oracle UCM workflow interface so users and administrators can better see and access critical information necessary to do their jobs, ensuring a smooth business process flow. This is enabled through current product features such as the ability to approve or reject content items from workflow generated emails, search for and view content items in workflow and their status, and deliver workflow details to the appropriate constituent if content has been sitting at a step for an unacceptable amount of time. Additionally, Workflow Solution Set provides a full workflow audit trail, which is very important for compliance purposes.

Dassault Systèmes Promotes Innovation as Lead Sponsor of EyesOn Design Competition

Prestigious Event Celebrates 6th Year at North American International Auto Show.

AUBURN HILLS, Mich ─ Dassault Systèmes announced that it is the lead sponsor of the sixth annual EyesOn Design Awards competition to be held on Tuesday, January 11, 2011 at the 2011 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS). Additionally, Dassault Systèmes vice president of Design Experience and head of the company’s Design Studio, Anne Asensio, will be serving her second year as part of the event’s judging panel.

EyesOn Design is the only automotive design contest that is judged by the most senior and successful members of the design community. The judging panel is comprised of representatives from the OEMs, design schools and independent automotive design studios. It is also the only venue that recognizes both production and concept vehicle debuts at the NAIAS. New vehicles -- inclusive of cars, trucks, and crossovers -- are judged in two categories: Production Vehicle Design and Best Concept Vehicle Design. Asensio who, prior to joining Dassault Systèmes, spent many years as head of design at both General Motors and Renault, will be presenting both of these awards.

Dassault Systèmes has partnered with the Detroit Institute of Ophthalmology (DIO) since the inception of the NAIAS EyesOn Design fundraising event, which honors and recognizes the most significant new automotive designs on display at the show.

“We are honored to continue this relationship with the DIO as a way to inspire innovative vehicle design while benefitting the visually impaired,” commented Asensio. “Dassault Systèmes is focused on providing designers with tools that enable them to be more creative, allowing for more ideas to be developed in a shorter time frame while linking the creative process directly to engineering, manufacturing and production for better design intent and shorter time to market.”

The EyesOn Design Competition at the NAIAS is an extension of the celebration of automotive design that occurs each June when the DIO hosts the annual EyesOn Design car show, which honors the past, present and future of automotive design. In addition to being recognized as major design achievement awards in the automotive design community, both EyesOn Design events raise funds to provide educational programs and to support leading-edge research and other programs to enhance the lives of the blind and visually impaired. More than 6,000 people directly benefit from these programs each year.

Geometric to showcase products for machining automation at IMTEX 2011

Mumbai: Geometric Limited will demonstrate machining automation with its leading products - CAMWorks® and DFMPro at Hall 3C, Booth # B-123 at IMTEX 2011 from January 20 - 26, 2011 at the Bangalore International Exhibition Center in Bangalore, India.

Geometric will demonstrate the latest versions of these products, CAMWorks 2011 and DFMPro version 2.3, at the event: CAMWorks 2011 provides significant capabilities, including improved knowledge-based machining information, a new electrode design solution for the mold and die industry, and smarter tool paths.

In this new version, the technologies that enable automation of NC programming have also been enhanced. Two new modules, ElectrodeWorks and VoluMill, further enhance the product’s automation capabilities. ElectrodeWorks module is an electrode design solution that automates all aspects related to electrodes, whereas, VoluMill provides an option to generate high-performance toolpaths for 2 and 3 axis high speed milling.

DFMPro version 2.3 focuses on improving the ease of DFM review comments to closure with support for formed features and inclusion of Microsoft Excel based DFM analysis reports. A new grouping functionality for wall thickness related rules has been added in the Injection Molding module that allows users to easily segregate results into groups based on the thickness ranges. CAD users will be able to quickly verify their designs within Pro/ENGINEER® and SolidWorks®, thus, reducing cost and time-to-market, while also improving the quality of manufactured parts. DFMPro 2.3 also facilitates collaborative design review process by generating comprehensive 3D reports in eDrawings® format. This capability is very useful for suppliers who can quickly generate eDrawings reports and share it with the OEM for their review, comments and acceptance.

“IMTEX 2011 offers a great platform to communicate directly with toolmakers and manufacturers, and to showcase how they can improve their productivity by using Geometric’s intelligent automation tools like CAMWorks and DFMPro”, said Sambit Pradhan, Business Development Manager, Desktop Products, Geometric.

Nemetschek Vectorworks, buildingSMART alliance and Nemetschek Scia Present openBIM Webinar

Columbia, Maryland — Nemetschek Vectorworks, Inc., in conjunction with Nemetschek Scia and the buildingSMART alliance, will present part two of the AIA continuing education webinar "openBIM - Real Interoperability, Practical Collaboration" on Thursday, January 20 at 2:00 p.m. EST/7:00 p.m. GMT.

Building Information Modeling (BIM) interoperability is possible with openBIM—the use of internationally recognized open standards to exchange building information. These open standards include the use of Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) for building geometry and data. IFC is supported by more than 70 international vendors and 110 applications and is used today to create, analyze and distribute building information models. Organizations across the globe are developing IFC-based BIM guidelines for project designs to facilitate the use of data across multiple vendors, applications and end-users.

Presented by Jeffrey W. Ouellette, Assoc. AIA, Project Architect at Nemetschek Vectorworks, this webinar will define openBIM and IFC and explain the advantages of using openBIM workflows and IFC technology. It will also demonstrate a case study in the use of openBIM workflows using architectural, structural and HVAC BIM-authoring applications. Webinar attendees are eligible to receive one American Institute of Architects (AIA) learning unit hour.

"This webinar will take our discussion of the principles of openBIM and IFC to the next level, using the DC Riverside Office Building project as an example," said Ouellette. "This urban commercial development proposal is a demonstration of true interoperability, as it involved the exchange and coordination of important model information between Vectorworks Architect, Scia Engineer and DDS-CAD MEP."

To register for this webinar, visit https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/257444827.

To view part one of this webinar, which was held in November 2010, visit: http://download2CF.nemetschek.net/www_movies/webinars/OpenBIM_Part_I.mov.

Tech Soft 3D and ShapeSpace Announce ShapeSpace Enterprise Solution Built with HOOPS 3D Exchange

Proven 3D CAD search tool for PLM features high-level data access technology.

Berkeley, CA and Edinburgh, Scotland: Tech Soft 3D (TS3D), a provider of component technology to the engineering software industry, and ShapeSpace Ltd, a developer of world-leading search technology for CAD and PLM, announced today that the ShapeSpace Enterprise Solution will feature the advanced data access capabilities of HOOPS® 3D Exchange (HOOPS 3DX) in 2011.

Now integrated with most PLM applications, ShapeSpace Enterprise Solution’s unique 3D Shape Search function locates criteria within complex CAD libraries, be it parts, size, text attributes or shape. HOOPS 3DX supplies ShapeSpace with the geometric attributes of the queried data, even across multiple file formats, for accurate search results that encompass the entire database.

“Engineers rely on ShapeSpace to browse CAD parts in CATIA, NX, SolidWorks, Solid Edge, Inventor or JT,” says Andy Sherlock, ShapeSpace CEO. “HOOPS 3D Exchange captures the original structural intent of all of these file formats to ensure our CAD queries are thorough and precise.”

“ShapeSpace Enterprise Solutions is impactful because of its comprehensive search functionality,” says Tech Soft 3D CEO, Ron Fritz. “We’re pleased that HOOPS 3DX is entrusted as the underlying data access technology in a product that maximizes efficiency, reduces cost throughout so much of the PLM market, and increases the communication value of 3D data.”

Firehole Composites Opens Seattle Office

Firehole Composites, provider of innovative software tools and engineering services designed to significantly improve structural design and analysis with composite materials, today announced the opening of a satellite office in Seattle, Washington. The extension will offer technical customer support, training and software sales as well as expanded, on-site collaboration with industry partners. The decision to establish an office in Seattle is a result of the recent significant success Firehole has had in the Pacific Northwest aerospace industry.

Jerad Stack, CEO of Firehole Composites, stated, “Expanding our day-in and day-out presence to the Seattle area is an exciting step for Firehole. We are committed to helping with the challenging problems related to structural analysis of composite materials, whether it be as consultants or providers of advanced software solutions. We value opportunities to personally demonstrate our products and collaborate on challenging analysis projects and look forward to being a part of the innovative happenings in the Jet City.”

Firehole’s expertise within the composites analysis community along with its partnership approach regarding customer projects have increased industry confidence and built a deeper appreciation for the advantages that software tools such as Helius:MCT bring to the table. Firehole Composites, Seattle Office, is located at 1000 North Northlake Way, Suite 120, Seattle, WA, 98103.

Schott Systeme announces 13 Year CAD/CAM Price Freeze

MUNICH, Germany – Helping design and manufacturing companies to remain competitive, German software developer Schott Systeme GmbH has frozen their CAD/CAM software pricing for the 13th consecutive year.

This has also coincided with the launch of numerous new features covering their complete range of functionality for 2D design, 3D solid, surface and mesh modelling, 2.5D through to 5 axis milling, drilling and engraving, as well as for turning and wire cutting.

Outlining their pricing policy, company founder and owner Hans-Joachim Schott states, “Our aim is to enable our customers to invest in the very latest CAD/CAM technology, for every single CNC machine tool, while keeping both purchase and operating costs at a bare minimum.” This policy means that their standard design and machining package continues to remain under 10,000 Euros. The pricing of their stand alone 2D/3D CAD package also still remains at 2,800 Euros. With ongoing maintenance costs also being a major consideration, Hans-Joachim Schott continues “Our customers have to earn money with us, so we have retained our 26 year old policy of not charging for yearly maintenance, instead offering free life time support, while giving our customers the choice of when they wish to purchase major upgrades.”

Machinists should also be made aware that all of Schott Systeme's standard post processors are included free of charge.

Surfware Reports 13% Increase in Sales Growth for 2010

Camarillo, CA - Surfware, Inc has reported a 13% increase in sales growth for 2010 as compared to 2009.

"We are pleased with our sales growth results for 2010," says Peter Marton, Vice President of Surfware. "This increase in sales for 2010 is a result of Surfware's powerful worldwide reseller network, growing direct sales force, and SURFCAM's powerful V5 Series of releases. We anticipate and look forward to this continued growth in the New Year with our next impending SURFCAM release."

SURFCAM V5 was released in February 2010 and SURFCAM V5.1 was released in August 2010.

Delcam to show latest orthotics CADCAM software in Chicago

Delcam will show the latest versions of its OrthoModel and OrthoMill software for, respectively, the design and manufacture of custom orthotic insoles, at the MidWest Podiatry Conference in Chicago from 3rd to 6th March.

Delcam will also demonstrate its iQube 3D scanner to capture data for the design of orthotics. The scanner can be used to capture data directly from the patient’s foot, either in weight-on, weight-off or semi-weight-bearing modes. It can also be used to scan casts or foam-box impressions. The scan data can then be sent to the laboratory that will manufacture the orthotic, along with a prescription, so eliminating the costs and time delays associated with delivering casts or foam boxes around the country or even internationally.

Both Delcam’s software and the i-Qube scanner help to increase productivity, profitability and patient satisfaction, in all cases where orthotics are required. They are developed in association with laboratories, podiatrists and orthotists from around the world, coupled with Delcam’s knowledge of footwear design and manufacture gained from its relationships with leading brands such as Nike and Reebok. They replace the expensive, slow and messy casting process with a simple, non-contact digital solution.

The main advantage of the Delcam software is that it allows much faster manufacture of all types of orthotic, so enabling the patient to benefit from the device more quickly. This is especially important when a series of orthotics is required as the patient moves along a treatment path. It is much easier to adjust the computer data, rather than regularly recasting designs from the patient’s foot.

The major enhancement in the 2011 version of OrthoModel gives greater control over the shape of the orthotic in cases where a full-contact device is needed, for example, for patients with diabetes. The user can specify a number of cross-sections across the sole of the foot and fine tune the profile of the orthotic at each section to give a perfect match.

The new functionality complements the existing shaping tools that allow whole-model editing of the standard designs supplied with the software to make them suitable for individual patients.

Improvements to OrthoMill reflect the recent enhancements to Delcam’s PowerMILL engineering CAM system on which it is based. These include support for the latest hardware developments, such as 64-bit operation, multi-threading and background processing, that can significantly reduce calculation times.

SolidWorks World 2011, Jan. 23-26, San Antonio

CONCORD, Mass: Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks Corp is hosting SolidWorks World 2011: Innovation for a better world on January 23-26, 2011.

Today’s social, economic, and environmental challenges demand innovative thinking, and much of it must focus on the products that help people live healthy, satisfying lives. SolidWorks World 2011 will showcase innovations that will help design engineers create products to meet personal and societal needs.

SolidWorks World 2011 is the 13th annual gathering of customers, partners, resellers, and employees of DS SolidWorks, maker of software for design, simulation, data management, technical communications, and sustainability assessment.

Highlights of the event include:
* Networking with more than 4,500 attendees including engineering and design professionals, students, educators, partners, resellers, and DS SolidWorks employees from around the globe. Attendees can also connect online before and during the event.
* Customer stories from industries ranging from aerospace and medical instruments, to consumer electronics and renewable energy.
* More than 200 in-depth training sessions, many of them hands-on, covering topics such as “Creative Solutions to Everyday Problems,” “SolidWorks for Creative Educators,” and “Designing Solar Equipment.”
* Management/executive-oriented training sessions such as “The CAD Manager Survival Guide” and “The 200% Business Process Innovation Challenge: Utilizing SolidWorks Multiple Products for the Equipment Manufacturer.”
* A product showcase with more than 100 new SolidWorks-designed products, such as joint implants, laptop cases, fuel systems, and bicycles.
* The Partner Pavilion featuring more than 100 technology products that work with SolidWorks software to deliver new business benefits.
* The Ultimate CAD Chair from “Let’s Go Design,” DS SolidWorks’ interactive Web series that invites members of the SolidWorks community to submit design ideas to create an actual product.

WHERE: Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center

200 E Market St.
San Antonio, Texas 78205
(210) 207-8500


SolidWorks has just added Discovery TV’s “Bionic Builders” to its roster of keynote speakers. Hollywood stuntman and amputee Casey Pieretti, and his engineering partner Bill Spracher, build and test outrageous prosthetics that allow their amputee clients to surpass ordinary human ability while attempting to replace a missing part of their lives. Other keynote speakers include the following SolidWorks executives and featured guests:

* Bertrand Sicot, new CEO of DS SolidWorks
* Jeff Ray, executive vice president, geographic operations, Dassault Systèmes
* Bernard Charlès, DS president and CEO
* Jon Hirschtick, DS SolidWorks founder and group executive
* Apollo 13 commander captain James Lovell Jr. and lead flight director Gene Kranz
* A wide range of customers – from early SolidWorks adopters to students just starting out in engineering with award-winning projects

Lawrence Tech Implements CATIA as Design Tool Standard in OEM-supported Transportation Design Program

Students Experience Huge Increase in Design Efficiency.

AUBURN HILLS, Mich: Dassault Systèmes has announced that Lawrence Technological University (Southfield, Mich.) has integrated CATIA into its curriculum as its foundational design solution starting with the 2009/10 Transportation Design freshman class. The first U.S. college design program to implement CATIA as a design standard, Lawrence Tech currently has 120 seats of the solution.

The Lawrence Tech Transportation Design program was initiated in 2007 at the request of automotive industry OEMs and their desire for designers with more technical aptitude. Each class is assigned a vehicle project for the year, which is then championed by an executive designer from each of the sponsoring companies. Currently, the freshman class is developing a new vehicle for the Millennial Generation under the leadership of Ford’s Moray Callum; sophomores are involved on a Jeep project under the direction of John Sgalia; the junior class is working with Calty Design’s Miljan Jevremovic on a futuristic concept vehicle as well as a customer connectivity project for Visteon, while the senior class is developing a urban electric vehicle for Victor Nacif of Nissan Europe Design.

“With CATIA as the predominant product creation solution for product development in automotive, aerospace and other industries,” said Keith Nagara, director of Lawrence Tech’s Transportation Design program, “incorporating its instruction into our program is providing our students expanded creative capability, as well as the skill sets needed to operate in the working world by integrating and executing more on the technical side of their designs.”

Nagara explained that 2D design concepts typically must be translated to 3D surfacing models to develop the section geometry while trying to maintain the design intent. By developing the vehicle in CATIA from the start, designers eliminate the need for others to interpret their design, cutting out a step in the design process while also preserving the original design integrity.

Although the Transportation Design students are instructed in various design and modeling software, they are seeing significant flexibility and efficiency gains that can be made through CATIA for creative designers. With only 12 hours of CATIA training under his belt, student Colin Bonathan was able to develop a vehicle concept and complete surfacing in a day as compared to about a week to deliver the same results by Lawrence Tech students working in other software programs.

After receiving a half-hour tutorial on the CATIA Imagine and Shape module, student Jason Falenski was able to immediately put the solution to use. “CATIA has built-in parametric capability, making it very easy to explore and test a ton of ideas in a short period of time, allowing you to play with shapes versus clay models having to be digitized.”

CATIA Imagine and Shape allows users to start 3D ideation from scratch or from 2D sketches. Points on the shapes can then be grabbed and stretched, squeezed, moved or combined with other shapes through a set of easy commands. Falenski is also proficient in CATIA Generative Shape design where, on a recent project, he demonstrated the ability to develop customized vehicle body shapes, cut-outs and details in about half the time it would have taken him in alternative design programs.

The skill sets gained in this program are serving the students well. Senior Chris Nichols has received an internship at Volkswagen Germany starting in January while classmate Taylor Manuilow will be working at Peugeot in Paris through April, when she moves to Nissan Europe Design studio in London.

“CATIA’s ease of use and impact on innovative design is a real focus for us,” said Phil Borchard, CATIA Shape and Styling Specialist America, Dassault Systèmes. “But, there are also significant business gains that can be made with 3D as the common language shared throughout the extended enterprise. This enables all disciplines in an organization – marketing, design studio, engineering, manufacturing, purchasing -- to be involved concurrently in the product development process, helping to identify and eliminate potential issues early in the design cycle, thus bringing products to market more quickly.”

Mold Maker 'Ju Teng International Holdings' deploys 300 seats of CimatronE

Ju Teng International Holdings Limited deploys 300 seats of CimatronE integrated CAD/CAM solution to increase efficiency across six manufacturing plants in China and Taiwan.

Givat Shmuel, Israel – Cimatron Limited has announced the winning of a new project with Ju Teng International Holdings Limited, under which Ju Teng will adopt CimatronE’s complete integrated CAD/CAM suite for mold design, die design and NC programming.

With major OEM/ODM customers for brand names such as Acer, Asus, Apple, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Sony and Toshiba, Ju Teng International Holdings claims 31% of the global notebook-casing market. The group has major manufacturing plants across China and Taiwan.

The Ju Teng Group has chosen to replace its existing 2D and 3D design software with CimatronE 3D software as the process-wide CAD/CAM solution and is expected to use more than 300 seats across its companies Suzhou Dazhi Communication Accessory Co., Ltd., Compal Precision Module (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd., Chengyang Precision Mold (Kunshan) Co., Ltd, WIS Precision (Kunshan) Co., Ltd., Lian-Yi Precision (Zhongshan) Inc. and Hong Ya Technology Inc. (Taiwan).

“We have been using CimatronE for our NC programming since 2004 and have benefited from efficient programming and quality machining results.” said Mr. Luo Rongde, Vice President of Ju Teng Group. “Our services lead the market in terms of efficiency and delivery time, so initially we were skeptical about the benefit of moving from a combination of 2D and 3D design software to a single 3D environment. Nevertheless, with the deployment of CimatronE 3D software for the entire design and manufacturing process, we have already managed to cut 20% of the mold design time during the testing period. Once the full scale implementation is completed, we expect to increase efficiency even further, improve the quality of our design and reduce our overall delivery times for the benefit of our customers.”

Ju Teng’s evaluation of CimatronE indicated the following benefits of implementing the software:

* The deployment of a single Integrated Solution across the entire engineering and manufacturing process eliminates the need for data translation between departments (Design, NC, electrodes, etc.)
* A single CAD solution for design reduces mistakes when working together between different units.
* 3D tool design makes it much easier to locate and solve interference of components in the assembly. It also makes it easier for parts to be sent out for NC programming and machining.
* The use of standard part and mold set library during the design phase saves time and reduces errors in the assembly.
* The mold base factory now receives 3D models directly instead of 2D templates, thus avoiding machining errors caused by mistakes in the 2D templates.
* CimatronE’s ease of use empowers less-experienced engineers and reduces dependence on senior engineers.
* Concurrent Engineering capabilities allow engineers to collaborate more effectively on the same mold, both within a department and between departments.

“Ju-Teng’s prestige in the global tooling industry and its exceptional standards of quality and delivery time are well known, “ said Lang Yan, Cimatron’s General Manager for Greater China. “Its recognition and its choice of CimatronE as an Integrated Solution for the entire tool making process of both molds and dies has had a very positive impact. While CimatronE has always been known in China as a leading NC solution, people are now seeing that the integrated CAD/CAM solution offers customers the greatest value and competitive advantage. We are happy to work in partnership with Ju Teng and are committed to its success.”

Ben Heck Rings in the New Year With a Custom Pinball Machine Build in the Latest Episode of element14's 'The Ben Heck Show'

Ben installs CNC router and discusses embedded processors with a special look at the Arduino open-source platform.

CHICAGO : element14, a collaborative social community and electronics store for design engineers and electronics enthusiasts, and modding guru Benjamin J. Heckendorn, a.k.a. Ben Heck, ring in the New Year with an all-new, custom pinball machine build in "The Ben Heck Show" episode airing today. Ben kicks things off by installing a new CNC router in his workshop to gear up for another year of modding mayhem, and takes a closer look at programming embedded processors with the popular Arduino open-source development platform.

"This is an exciting episode for me," said Ben Heck. "Not only is it the start of a whole new year of episodes for 'The Ben Heck Show,' but I also begin an ongoing project that I really enjoy building – a custom pinball machine. Since completing the Bill Paxton pinball machine about a year ago, I've been thinking ahead to my next pinball project. I'm looking forward to viewer feedback on the build as it progresses over the next few shows."

Ben rolls out his new pinball cabinet design featuring "Heck-like" portability enhancements for easy transport and gives viewers unique insight for their own CAD/CAM designs (computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing). In addition, Ben creates a custom rolling computer cart to accompany the CNC router in his workshop.

"The latest episode covers a range of topics for engineers, DIY-ers and the tech geek at heart – from CAD/CAM design to embedded processing," said Alisha Mowbray, senior vice president of marketing, element14. "Whether it's a mod for enhanced performance, ease-of-use or entertainment, Ben's zeal for sharing knowledge is relentless. The ongoing exchange of ideas on the show parallels the collaborative environment and resources of the element14 community."

Detailed instructions and parts for the projects featured on the latest episode, including a range of Arduino boards and components for purchase, are available at www.element14.com/TBHS. element14 also hosts Arduino and open source hardware discussion groups.