Dec 10, 2010

ZWCAD 2010 Presentation in Simferopol, Ukraine by SOFTLIST

Ukraine - Softlist, the authorized distributor of ZWCAD and technical support center in Ukraine held a successful seminar, “ZWCAD Reliable CAD for 2D & 3D Design” at Hotel Complex «Moscow» on Nov 17th, 2010.

The seminar gave attendees a chance to understand the main features of ZWCAD, its functionality, and advantages over other CAD software. Lecturers emphasized performance and stability when sharing the product with the attendees. One feature that particularly interested and drew applause from the audience was how ZWCAD is completely compatible with AutoCAD. Another important feature that was mentioned was ZWCAD’s array of application programming interfaces (LISP, VBA, SDS, ZRX), which allows the user to expand the capabilities of the program and work more efficiently creating their own applications.

The seminar gathered about 55 representatives of various construction companies and firms, universities, engineering organizations, and ordinary users. Many questions were raised throughout the day which showed the amount of enthusiasm the attendees had about ZWCAD. The seminar concluded with a lengthy discussion regarding ZWCAD, and attendees appeared to leave the seminar satisfied. All attendees received a free demo version of ZWCAD 2010.