Dec 27, 2010

ZW3D Showcased at Euromold 2010

Frankfurt, Germany- December 1st to 4th, 2010 marked the 17th EuroMold 2010 Fair. Known as an annual world fair for design, product development, mold making, and tooling, this year, over 55,000 people attended it from 86 different countries. Encee, an authorized ZW3D distributor in Germany had its debut showcase for ZW3D at EuroMold 2010.

At the show, Encee built a fifty-two square meter booth with four open display sides, two large ZW3D background palates, and six laptops for hands-on demonstrations. There was much curiosity over the new software as numerous visitors attended the booth during the four days of exhibition. New customers were delighted to discover the extent of the capabilities of ZW3D, and were even more surprised by the great price. People who had already heard about ZW3D and former VX customers were very excited about the new software. Particularly, they commented on how the new features of TransMagic, Partsolution, and Turning will be able to aid them in their designs.

EuroMold 2010 was a huge success. This year, there were 1384 exhibitors from 38 different countries. These exhibitors showcased products and services from related industry sectors, as well as included numerous technology world premiers. However, ZW3D stole the show when it came to new CAD/CAM products on the market, as 50% of interested costumers opted for the ZW3D premium package.

ZWSOFT fully acquired VX Corporation on July 30, 2010, including its trademarks, intellectual properties, technologies, R&D center, etc, and then fully incorporated VX's technologies into ZW3DTM.