Dec 7, 2010

Z Microsystems Realizes Added Benefits from Omnify Software PLM Solution

Company Gets Pat on the Back from Auditor with Newly Automated SOP and Training Processes.

Andover – Omnify Software, a provider of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software for electronic, medical, mechanical, and defense manufacturers, today announces that Z Microsystems, the leading designer and manufacturer of rugged, mission-ready computers and display equipment, has automated the management of their Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Training processes with Omnify Empower PLM, addressing issues beyond their initial Product Lifecycle Management requirements.

Z Microsystems has been successfully using the Omnify Software PLM solution to help manage and control their product life cycle for a little over six years. With the release of Omnify Empower PLM, new product features, specifically Training Management, became very valuable to the organization.

Prior to Omnify Empower PLM, the company managed their training manually via hard copy. “Based on the ISO requirement that we be able to prove that all personnel are adequately trained to perform the tasks they are doing, we had to maintain paper copies of all training, a description of the training, including signoffs, from all personnel as well as when the training occurred, and who delivered it,” stated Susana Young, engineering administrator for Z Microsystems. “Auditing all of these documents and keeping them current was a difficult task.”

The Training Management Module within Empower PLM helped to address Z Microsystems’ need to have controlled training processes. This module tracks and documents all internal and external training, alerts trainees upon a document or SOP change, and manages comprehension- all through an automated process. This method has helped Z Microsystems to transition their paper-based training to an automated program which monitors and records which employees have taken training and which employees have not. In addition, the comprehension functionality enables Z Microsystems to include a quiz that each user is required to complete after reading a procedure to ensure they thoroughly reviewed and understood the material. Creating and maintaining a paperless training record has improved Z Microsystems’ overall training management and the ability to meet ISO (International Organization for Standardization) requirements.

“These changes have helped us to move from a very strenuous paper system for managing SOPs to a very efficient paperless system which has built a bridge of communication among our departments,” added Ms. Young. “But above all, it has saved us valuable productivity time, helped us to reduce some of our costs, and get a great big pat on the back from our auditor.”