Dec 27, 2010

University of South Australia Students Gain Competitive Edge in Architectural and Engineering Job Market via Bentley Program

Bentley’s Academic Subscription Gives Every Student and Professor at this Leading Australian School Unlimited Access to Commercial-Grade Information Modeling Software and Training.

EXTON, Pa. – Bentley Systems, Incorporated has announced that every student and professor at the University of South Australia (UniSA) now has unlimited access to Bentley’s commercial-grade software for designing, building, and operating infrastructure, as well as unlimited training in its application. This access is available through Bentley’s Be Careers Network Academic SELECT subscription program, which UniSA has just joined. The program empowers students enrolled in UniSA’s architectural and engineering curricula to acquire an in-depth understanding of advanced information modeling software, as well as to hone their skills in applying it following industry best practices. As a result, upon graduation, they will be job ready, giving them a decided competitive edge in the infrastructure job market.

Commenting on the new software being added to the university’s portfolio, Professor Andrew Parfitt, pro vice chancellor and vice president, Division of Information Technology, Engineering and the Environment, UniSA, said, “UniSA is always keen to adopt new technologies that enhance the student learning experience. Using the same software employed by so many of the largest engineering companies in the world, along with the training, should aid our graduates immensely.”

Added Jennifer Macdonald, research assistant and lecturer, UniSA, “We are delighted by the breadth of software offerings our new Be Careers Network Academic SELECT subscription provides. It encompasses the full range of infrastructure disciplines, from architecture to structural engineering, building performance engineering, mapping, water system design and analysis, geotechnical and geoenvironmental engineering, and more. Through this comprehensive and cost-effective program, we can better prepare our students to become the next innovative leaders in the global community of infrastructure professionals.”

The Be Careers Network Academic SELECT subscription provides students and faculty with lab and classroom access to more than 50 software products – the same as those used by professional architects, engineers, construction teams, geospatial professionals, and owner-operators to create and operate infrastructure that improves quality of life in communities around the globe. These innovative products facilitate the design and engineering of everything from inspiring, high performance buildings to safer and more sustainable roads and bridges, high speed rail systems, utility distribution networks, plants and factories, and all the other infrastructure that sustains society, the environment, and long-term economic growth.

The subscription also provides:

* unlimited home-use licensing;
* full upgrades to the latest software versions;
* blended learning for faculty and students via LIVE training in Bentley’s virtual classroom and OnDemand eLearning through the Bentley LEARN Server;
* scholarships and grants;
* professional networking via Bentley’s Be Communities website.

Alan Savin, Bentley territory executive for Southeast Asia Pacific, said, “On behalf of my colleagues at Bentley, I am very pleased to welcome UniSA into our Academic SELECT program. The program has been carefully designed to benefit students, educators, and the infrastructure community at large. Students gain a competitive edge in the job market through their new technology skills and ability to connect with potential employers via the Be Communities website. Educators gain additional time to teach core theoretical concepts in the classroom through the program’s blended learning approach, which offers students the LIVE technical training they need in virtual classrooms and via OnDemand eLearning. And the infrastructure community gains access to a pool of qualified graduates, equipped with the training needed to be productive on day one and begin to successfully tackle the world’s many infrastructure challenges.”